Paranormal Ghost Entity Spirit Dowsing Amulet

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Paranormal Ghost

Entity Spirit

Dowsing Amulet


I Full Moon Spellcast this gorgeous Amulet to assist you in communicating and connecting with all Human Spirits, Angels, Guides, Animals and Astral Spirits (Djinn, Vampires, Unicorns, etc.). It will help open your *6* senses so that you’re better able to receive information from them and notice their activity more readily. Your gut instincts & intuition will become stronger and you will learn to trust their messages & signs. You will be better able to feel their cold spots/temperature changes as well as tingling/electrical-type sensations and any other physical sensations they will give you. You will be more open to hearing them speak, hearing the noises they make and hearing messages come through songs, tv, etc. Mediums or those who wish to talk or receive messages from Spirits will be able to do so with greater clarity.


This amulet has also been Spellcast to “tune in” to the energy force or ‘vibration’ of the Spirits and bring more Spirit activity; it radiates an appealing & receptive energy that Spirits are drawn to, which can lead to seeing more orbs, mists and light phenomenon as well any number of paranormal noises, sounds, sights & sensations! You could also see spectral manifestations and full body apparitions. This amulet acts as an amplifier or antenna for tuning into Spiritual energy. Do not purchase it if you are not open & willing to experience paranormal supernatural activity


There are also powerful Protection & Banishing Spells imbued into this amulet, so it will not attract dark/evil Spirits/energies (they don’t even know it’s there).


No formal ritual required. This amulet can be utilized by anyone interested in the Paranormal, especially my clients that are Mediums, Psychics and Ghost Hunters.


Your purchase is for 1 Ghost Dowsing Amulet composed of .925 sterling silver wrapped around a cz gem in your choice of color: purple, blue or clear. Accented by small white cz gems, this piece represent Ghostly orbs and energy surrounding you. It measures just over 1 inch in size. Free sterling silver Recharging chain included! Wear, carry with you or keep someplace special. 

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