Mercury Planetary Retrograde Ring of Peace & Tranquility

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Mercury Planetary

Retrograde Ring

of Peace &


Several times a year we are faced with Mercury turning Retrograde. This is a time when it appears to be moving backwards through the zodiac. All of the Planets do this several times a year and sometimes they overlap. They can affect you based on each of their sphere of influence. Although the backwards motion is an optical illusion, it can lead to problematic, if not devastating, Physical and Spiritual effects. Although it affects everyone differently, Mercury Retrogrades seem to cause the most issues for most people, with Empaths and Sensitives (those sensitive to energies) being hit the hardest. Some people have no ill effects and tell others to just keep a “positive outlook” ~ this is impossible as it affects your emotions on very deep levels and is due to forces beyond your control.

I have Spellcast this ring with several Ancient Spells based on Solomon’s teachings. These Spells are designed to help lessen the effects of not only Mercury’s Retrograde, but all of the Planetary Retrogrades. Mercury in particular affects communication on both the physical and Spiritual levels. You also may have a harder time seeing/hearing/feeling your Spirit friends. Rest assured they are always with you, but during this time, the way you sense their energies can be affected.

The trickster Mercury may bring up unresolved issues that are unpleasant to deal with. It also causes misunderstandings in romantic, friendly and business relationships; typically due to communication errors and flaws in expression. Unforeseen delays in organizing and arranging plans can occur. It can cause daily aggravations; for example: losing your keys, missing a bill payment, or electrical disturbances. It can make you “switch gears” unexpectedly, forcing you to deal with issues head on. For Empaths, this can be especially difficult.

Mercury rules how we process and perceive information as well as our thinking skills and how we transmit Spiritual knowledge. Clarity can be diminished and we can be unable to make accurate decisions. Although the Retrograde can affect anyone, it can more-so affect those whose career involves: communication, education, transportation and commerce; for example: teachers, writers, artists, those involved in creative arts, public speaking and those involved in sales.

Although this Ring will not completely stop all of the effects of the Retrograde, it can help you move through these issues with greater ease, bring better clarity and help resolve communication issues. It brings good luck and calming energies. It can help bring better sleep, peace & tranquility into your life. It envelops you in a shield of protection against malevolent forces. It will not stop issues that fate has determined you need to deal with at that time; but this too can be a blessing in helping you gain clarity to move forward. With this Ring, you can continue living your life with less stress or worry about the effects of any Planetary Retrograde.

Your purchase is for 1 Mercury Planetary Retrograde Ring, sizes 7 & 9, as available. It features a beautiful Mystic Topaz center gem set in plated silver. The underside of the band has hidden geometric shapes, including stars and moons. This is a must-have for any Metaphysical collector!

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