Merlin's Dreamscape Enchanter Camelot Dragon Ring

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Merlin’s Dreamscape Enchanter Camelot


Merlin Ambrosius (Myrddin Emrys in Welsh) was Confidant & Spiritual advisor to King Arthur, British leader of the late 5th and early 6th Centuries. Merlin knew Alchemical & Spiritual Magick that no other Wizard in history has been able to accomplish. These Dragons were summoned based on the Secret Dragon Summoning Doctrines of Merlin, known only to my associates!

The Dreamscape Enchanter Camelot Dragons are specialized in the teachings and wisdom of Merlin and will use their Magick to bring profound blessings to your life. They magnetically attract Good Luck and open the gateways to wealth and riches to flow to you. Their remarkable Healing Energies are Earth-based, using our Planet’s natural meridians and energy currents to bring deep healing to you on a cellular level. Your Dragon can help you with Astral Traveling/OBE’s, opening your 3rd Eye, psychic enhancements, clairvoyance, clairaudience, and Cosmic wisdom. Their dreamscape essence provides for peaceful as well as prophetic dreams. They can also connect with you during dreamtime to help you resolve issues, bring clarity or bestow knowledge. They are also powerful protectors, helping to fend off Malevolent Spirits, curses and psychic attacks. Their energy is naturally uplifting, so you will feel elated just being in your Dragon’s presence! They are magnificent wish-grantors that can manifest your desires into reality!

This Ring has also been imbued with Merlin’s Secret Spells of Manifestation, including:
*Riches, Prosperity & Wealth
*Career/Business Success
*Brings you your Soul Mate or Boosts your Current Love Relationship
*Supreme Protection against Evil Spirits & Hexes
*Enhancement of your Psychic Abilities

  They manifests spectrally as a Western-looking Dragon, with 2 huge wings and a large body with soft, shimmering scales that correspond to their gem color. They all have an extremely friendly disposition and will get along wonderfully with any other Spirits in your collection.

Merlin Ambrosius is strongly connected to these Dragons and he can also manifest in your life for special blessings, guidance and teachings. I was shocked to see his image in the rings when I downloaded the photos!

Your purchase is for 1 Dreamscape Enchanter Camelot Dragon. I have 2 available; from left to right, (the first ring is sold). The center black onyx stone ring houses a Male Dragon, Size 7. The light purple amethyst ring houses a Male Dragon, Size 8. All set in a gorgeous .925 sterling silver setting. You do not have to wear to bond. This Dragon will be one of the most treasured in your collection!


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