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Alchemical Shiva Eye Shell of Transformation Spellcast Amulet

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Alchemical Shiva

Eye Shell of


Spellcast Amulet

This gorgeous Amulet was Spellcast during the Full Moon utilizing the Ancient Spells of my Ancestors. I summoned Lord Shiva to assist in blessing the keeper of this special piece. The legend of the Shiva Shell goes back Centuries and has been venerated in many cultures. I’ve Spellcast this piece to assist in opening your 3rd eye and bestow gifts of Psychic Clairvoyance & Clairaudience, as well as: bestow Wealth, Creativity, Stronger intuition, Self-confidence, Esoteric wisdom, Spiritual growth, increase your Tantric Sexual Energy, bring Protection and usher in Positive energy.

Hindu God Shiva lends his blessings on this piece to help destroy the negative influences that have been affecting/blocking you from moving forward. He will help you stop old negative habits & attachments that are prohibiting you from reaching your goals. His purifying energy will open the door for positive new blessings & opportunities once the negative is cleared away.

This piece brings Alchemical transformation, dissolution of negative energy, enlightenment and divine bliss. Meditate with this piece and you will open the doors to understanding your higher/Spiritual-self so you can not only strengthen your natural gifts, but effectively share them with the World.

This amulet will boost your Pranic Energy (the life energy that keeps your body strong and alive) and brings deep healing on every level.

The Shell is formed as the covering to the Turban Snail and is shed once the creature is ready to transcend. In this regard, it helps bring connections to the Afterlife, Spirits and Occult workings. It encompasses the Water Element and is also known as Mermaid’s Money. You could also utilize this piece during your Water Rituals & Spells for a powerful added boost. It offers protection and will stop effects of jealousy and the evil eye.

Your purchase is for 1 Alchemical Shiva Shell Amulet, which features a Cosmic spiral on one side and a Shiva “eye” on the other; making it reversible to wear, if you so choose. Various sizes & color intensity, chosen at random. Free silver-plated Recharging Chain included.

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