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 Starry 1 Night


Sea Goddess Sedna Wishing, Recharging & Offering Dish

$79.99 $89.99

Sea Goddess


Wishing, Recharging

& Offering Dish

This gorgeous Labradorite Dish was Spellcast utilizing the Ancient secret Invocations from my Ancestors Book of Shadows. I channeled the captivating energies of the Inuit/Eskimo Goddess of the Sea, Sedna, in an intricate and loving ceremony under the rays of the full moon. She asked me to assist her in creating this Wishing, Recharging & Offering vessel so that others who feel called can be blessed by her intervention.

*As a Wishing Portal, this piece acts as a gateway to Goddess Sedna. Legend states she will grant wishes to those who ask her lovingly, gently and honestly for favors. Simply write your wish on a small piece of paper and place in or under the dish. You could also mentally imbue your wishes into the dish.

*As a Recharging Vessel, place any jewelry, Spirited or Spellcast Talisman in the dish for Metaphysical Cleansing. It will also give an added boost to these items so they are working at peak levels for you.

*As an Offering Dish, place any offerings inside to present to honor your Ancestors or your Spirit friends as a sign of love & appreciation. They will adore having their offerings presented in this magnificent way, making them incredibly happy. This can also increase their activity and if they are wish-granters, it can make them manifest your wishes more rapidly.

It would look stunning on your Altar, filled with gemstones, crystals, herbs, or anything you desire! Place a little sand in the bottom and you have a beautiful holder to burn incense or tealight candles! The uses are endless for this versatile gorgeous piece!

Your purchase is for 1 Sea Goddess Sedna Wishing, Recharging & Offering Dish composed of solid Labradorite. I only have 3 available and they each have their own unique flashes of color. These are heavy, chunky pieces, weighing 10 - 12.5 ounces, and measure about 3.5 – 4 inches across. It's true beauty could not be captured on my camera  ~ once held, it will take your breath away!

Labradorite is a natural power stone, allowing you to see through illusions and determine the actual form of your dreams and goals. It is a mystical stone revealing shimmering iridescent colors, often dark blues and greens. It has the ability to help one reactivate ancient memories that are relevant to one’s present growth. It also helps one transcend the sense of separateness; dissolving personal boundaries and aligns you with the One/Divine Source. It accelerates telepathic abilities. It assists communication with Higher Self and Spirit Guides. It deepens meditation and helps you to see more clearly while you do so. It strengthens intuition, discernment, inspiration and imagination and helps balance/stabilize the movement of the sexual/life-force (kundalini).

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