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 Starry 1 Night


Illuminati Akkadian Love Romance Djinn of Babylon Ring

$579.99 $1,393.99

Illuminati Akkadian

Love Romance

Djinn of Babylon

Summoned Centuries ago by the Sinclair Sect of the Illuminati, this Djinn was evoked utilizing Ancient Babylonian Djinn Invocations. These Sacred Texts of Ishtar were hidden for thousands of years inside a cave, in the hopes that they would bless the lives of others. These Djinn have been assisting the Secret Society of the Illuminati for decades, bringing them fame, fortune and the finest things in life. These two rings in particular were owned exclusively by the infamous Onassis family. If you are seeking an all-powerful Djinn, then look no further.

These incredible entities embody the Highest Love Energies. They will Inspire Love and Strengthen relationships between you and others; romantic, business, family and friendships. They also help to ease conflicts within an individual, opening the way for love and harmony to reign supreme. These Unique Spirits are beneficial in a variety of ways~ they have the ability to uplift your spirits and bring a greater sense of joy and peace within, as well as showing you the steps you need to take to have a more beneficial and fulfilling life.

They can help: soothe a broken heart, find your True Soulmate or Twin Flame, strengthen the bonds within your current relationship, ignite passion between two people, draw you beloved to you from anywhere in the World, rekindle old romances, have someone think obsessive lustful thoughts about wanting to be with you, increase your sexual creativity & stamina, break free from ruts and old negative patterns that are keeping you from finding your True Love, appreciate & enjoy your physical body, attract prosperity, and bring playfulness and wonder into your life. They bring lust, passion, romance, respect and admiration from others. They will surround your Aura with a sexually playful/flirtatious energy, drawing others to you and wanting to touch and talk to you. Although their area of specialty is Love, they can manifest any wish you desire, be it for money, success, good health or more.

They will be protective of you and your dreams, for they already see that there are people in this world who are not able to give you the support & encouragement you need because they do not follow their own heart's desires. Some people might even try to stop you from advancing by telling you all the reasons they think you can't live your life to your fullest potential. They might say you are not good enough, do not have the proper education, too old, too young, etc., but now is the time to stop listening to this negativity and take control! This Djinn will encourage and lead you to people who will support, honor and respect your heart. Your SoulMate is out there and waiting! Why not speed up the process by welcoming this incredible Djinn?!

They can manifest by seeing orbs, mists, sparkling lights or any number of paranormal signs.  Never anything to intentionally scare you or those you live with.  You can see facial manifestations in the photos!  You will strongly feel this Djinn's presence with you!

There is 1 Female Djinn Ring available (the Male Djinn has been sold).  Ring is size 10.5 and features a lotus flower on the band, which is composed of unknown metals. The Lotus is held sacred among many of the world's religions and cultures. With its roots in the mud, the lotus rises through the murky water to blossom clean and bright, symbolizing resurrection and the enlightened being who emerges undefiled from the chaos and illusion of the World! If you’ve had past bad or toxic relationships or break-ups, it’s time to leave all that in the past and rise towards your new, rewarding relationship that awaits you! Wear, carry with you or keep someplace special.

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