Blackwood Wand of the Satanic Illuminati

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Blackwood Wand of the Satanic Illuminati

This incredible Occult Wand was cast by the Satanic Illuminati Brotherhood, the Sons of Baal. This exclusive Clan only offers their pieces through my website.  They cast incredibly dark Magick Spells based on Centuries old Satanic Illuminati traditions. This particular Magick has been passed down through select Illuminati Bloodlines and cannot be duplicated. Their pieces are currently advancing Dark Illuminati members across the globe. Once you welcome this Wand, you will be joined to these other members through a Spiritual energy grid that covers the world and pulsates in power. This power is continuous and endless, and can bring you anything you desire!

This Wand alone is a powerhouse, but will only become more powerful when Utilized by its Keeper. Once you welcome it, it will automatically bond with your energies and align with your personal vibrations. It will become a close, personal tool you will use in your Rituals and Spellworkings. Even if you don’t practice Magick, this Wand will draw your deepest desires to you.  It calls forth the Dark Guardians from all directions, as well as the Upper, Middle and Lower Worlds.

It can be utilized in any Ritual or Spell, but is especially effective in Curses and other Dark Magick intentions. It provides the ultimate protection for the Dark Magick practicing Witch or Wizard and will not allow other forces to influence your Rituals.  It has special powers to open the gateways to the Spiritual Reams, which not only provides direct contact with entities, but also provides access to Universal Knowledge and Forbidden Wisdom.  This is the perfect tool to use when doing Shadow work. Although it seems to pulsate with energy, it also has a very calming/neutralizing effect and would be beneficial just to hold during meditations. It can open your 3rd eye and Crown Chakra, and activate your pineal gland.

Your purchase is for 1 Black Magick Wand composed of Burmese Blackwood, featuring a quartz crystal ball on one end and quartz point on the other, accented with garnet gems. It measures 11” long. This exotic wood draws the element of Fire and blesses you with healing, the powers of Divination and strengthens Intuition. Awaken your inner Sorcerer or Sorceress with this amazing Wand!

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