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Woodland Unicorn Amulet, You Choose Color



Enchanting Woodland Unicorn
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Utilizing the Ancient Unicorn Invocations from my Ancestor’s Grimoire, I’m excited to offer you a variety of Unicorns! Appearing in numerous Cultures for Centuries, the Unicorn has come to be known as an elusive gentle creature of purity and beauty. They are the most loving and admired of Woodland Creature Companions and bring immense blessings to those who befriend them! Unicorns allow you to find new inner strength and confidence and they guide you in treating yourself with greater love and respect. They are naturally inspirational and reassuring and will listen intently to any problems you may wish to share with them. Their naturally sweet essence also helps you to see nature’s beauty like never before!

The Most Revered Immortals of the Woodland, they can help you in countless ways such as:

*Creating positive thought forms to counter-balance negative thinking.

*They will lovingly guide & support you during the cessation of addictive patterns of behavior; smoking, overeating, etc.

*They help you heal from past life traumas or childhood abuse; you will not be reliving your past, rather their loving & gentle energies will be sent to the past to support your healing now.

*Their pure & luminous energies will help in detoxifying your physical and spiritual bodies of all negative & stagnant debris that is no longer serving you. Toxic thought patterns and emotions will gently be dissolved.

*They will support you during all of your projects & goals; such as auditions, interviews, job searching, as well as major life events such as births, deaths, divorce, etc.

*They will assist you in taking care of Mother Earth and environmental concerns.

*They bring motivation and inspiration to any creative project or artistic work.

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When in the presence of your Unicorn, you will feel much calmer. If you feel frustrated, upset or angry, discuss these emotions with your Unicorn; they are excellent listeners and will bring you much comfort. They can communicate with you through mental telepathy & teleport with ease. Their horns have Magickal powers to heal and neutralize poisons; therefore, they can be a healing and comforting force in your life. They have the innate ability to detect evil & malevolent energies and they can effectively dissolve & do away with them. They place you in the flow of all that is good & positive and will attract Good Luck & Wealth to you!

Your purchase is for 1 Unicorn in your choice of gemstone. I have summoned them unnamed, so you can choose a special new name for him or her! Although they can help you in all areas, each Unicorn has strong areas of expertise. The gemstone vessel also brings natural metaphysical blessings for you!

Green Unicorn, Green Aventurine: This Unicorn brings wealth, good luck, success, prosperity and places you in the wealth flow. Aventurine is a Universal “Luck Stone.” This stone relieves anxiety and calm one's emotions. It brings new opportunities and gives good luck in gambling. It makes a powerful good luck piece to draw opportunities your way.

Blue Unicorn, Lapis: This Unicorn brings deep and powerful healing on all levels; from cellular/DNA to Spiritual. Helps ease pain and bring comfort. Lapis was prized by the Ancient Egyptians and holds the energy of a star-studded sky, limitless in its wisdom. Lapis provides mental clarity and objectivity; helps bring healing, relieves insomnia and helps you in letting go of anxieties.

Rainbow Unicorn, Opalite: This Unicorn helps clear and balance your Chakras; bringing fresh new energies & outlooks. Helps you feel more confident and self-assured, especially during difficult situations. Although Opalite is manmade, it still carries Metaphysical properties to bless your life. When placed on the Crown Chakra (top of head), it enhances psychic abilities and induces visions. Doing this also helps align all of the Chakras. It also helps stabilize mood swings and brings understanding. Its blessings also include: brings peace & serenity, deepens sleep state, gain knowledge, courage, release fears & worries, brings hope and attracts positive light energies to you or area you’re in.

Pink Unicorn, Rose Quartz: This Unicorn specializes in all matters related to Love & Relationships; helping bring you your soulmate or increase passion. Rose quartz is called the "Love Stone." It is a stone of unconditional love that opens the heart chakra to all forms of love: self-love, family love, platonic love, and romantic love. The high energy of quartz gives rose quartz the property of enhancing love in virtually any situation. In turn, this lowers stress.

Purple Unicorn, Amethyst: This Unicorn focuses on Spiritual development, enlightenment & clarity. They help to open your 3rd eye, communicate with Spirits and awaken your natural clairvoyant talents. They help you develop mediumship abilities. Amethyst is a stone of psychic power. Wearing it helps promote meditation, peace, tranquility and oneness with your Spiritual goals. It enhances and strengthens the powers of the bearer and helps attune with the higher self, dispelling fears, heightening intuition and helping to embrace your own intuitive wisdom. Amethyst is a "negative ion", which attracts poisonous "positive ions" to it, thus clearing the air & energy around the wearer and helping to make it more breathable.

Black Unicorn, Black Onyx: This Unicorn specializes in protection from malevolent forces: evil spirits, demons, black Magick or any hexes placed upon you. Helps stop others from negatively affecting you. Naturally, Black Onyx is a grounding stone and can be used to deflect or absorb the negativity of others, and in that way is a good stone for protection from negative forces and influences. Use Onyx for self-protection or to keep away or end unhealthy or bothersome emotional entanglements. Extremely helpful to people who are having trouble letting go or releasing the past or attachments and moving on after a relationship has ended, sometimes years past the event.

White Unicorn, Clear Quartz: This Unicorn brings soothing harmonizing energy, bringing peace and calm to your life. They help bring happy thoughts and restful sleep. Crystal Quartz is one of the Most Powerful Gemstones ~ it amplifies & stores energy and can both draw and send energy. It is the ideal stone to use to charge & cleanse other gemstones. It is excellent for meditation & sending or receiving guidance from the Angelic Realms. It illuminates the soul, cleanses and energizes, removes barriers to spiritual growth and filters negative energy. It is an excellent stone to use if you need to change your direction in life. It soothes dark moods, offers relief from fears, phobias and anxiety and unburdens the mind of guilt, which can lead to a state more conducive to happiness and inspiration. It can help get the wearer out of ruts where he or she feels unmotivated. It helps to attract love & help with mental focus.

This beautiful wire wrapped vessel measures about 1.25” long. Its pointed shape represents the mystifying quality of the horn of the Unicorn. There are Males and Females available. Free silver-plated Recharging Chain included!

All information will accompany your shipment.

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