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Seductively Sexy Valentine Vampire / Vampiress Heart Ring





Seductively Sexy Valentine Vampire or Vampiress

Attuned to this gorgeous ring is an Italian Stregoni Benefici Valentine Vampire or Vampiress. They were summoned by several Masters of Stregheria (Italian Witchcraft); La Vecchia Religione ("the Old Religion” ), during a clandestine Midnight Ritual that included specialized Vampiric Sacred oils, herbs, incense and Ancient Incantations focused on Love. Stregoni Benefici are not your “typical” Vampire; they are completely white-light, friendly and loving Spirits, and are your Allies against evil Vampires. These Vampires are some of the Rarest and Most Compassionate of Vampires. I’m proud to be your only source for these Exclusive Vampires!

Stregoni Benefici do not ‘feed’ on blood or energy, instead, they intermingle with the energy of everyone they come into contact with. They invisibly consume this energy deep within their Spiritual core, revolving it and changing it for the better; which leaves the people they come into contact with fortified and refreshed ~ “Revamped”, so to speak! Your Vampire will intrinsically cleanse your Aura and balance your emotions to make you feel happy & satisfied. You will feel increased motivation, strength & energy!

This Vampire/ess is very passionate and will enjoy pleasing their human companion. They are nocturnal Spirits, being most active at dusk and night, but can also be active any time of day. The males are incredibly handsome and the females are stunningly gorgeous! Their intoxicating Aura will leave you breathless!

This Valentine Vamp is focused on Love & Passion! They have very strong sexual natures and will enjoy pleasing you physically and bringing orgasmic pleasures as your Spiritual Lover. They are eager to fulfill your erotic fantasies! They are never jealous or possessive and understand you benefit differently from each relationship (physical or Spiritual) that you have. Your Vamp wants to make a true mind/soul connection with you on the deepest of levels and be your trusted companion and confidant. They are incredibly wise and telepathic and can give you exactly what you need, without even asking. They bring immense protection, help you avoid accidents, keep you safe and care for you in all ways.

Your Vamp can also bring enhanced blessings to your life in the following ways:
*strengthen relationships, both business & personal
*draw new friends to you or help you reconnect with old friends
*boots your confidence & allure for an exciting social life
*give you a dazzling Aura so others are attracted to your inner & outer beauty
*reverse the aging clock, making you look & feel young & vibrant
*bring good luck & wealth blessings
*bring strength, stamina & increased agility
*bring lucid, prophetic, déjà vu or peaceful dreams *cleanse your blood & nervous system; strengthening your DNA at a cellular level
*strengthen your own psychic abilities, such as; telepathy, 6th sense, clairvoyance
*help you heal quickly and/or recover from sickness faster than most people
*strengthening your night vision and awareness of what is around you (both people & Spirits)

Your purchase is for 1 male or female Stregoni Benefici Italian Valentine Vamp housed in this exquisite ring. This rhodium plated ring features a deep ruby cz gem surrounded by several tiny white cz gems. Size 10.  Look closely in the photos and you will see this Vampire manifesting from within the stone! This will be one of the most cherished Vamps in your collection!


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