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Pythia High Priestess Delphi Oracle Psyche Haunted Doll



Pythia High Priestess Delphi Oracle “Psyche”
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This enchanting doll houses a High Priestess (Pythia) Oracle from the Temple of Apollo in Delphi named Psyche (pronounced: si-kee). She is a Powerful Spirit Guide that will drastically improve every area of your life and enhance your Personal & Spiritual Energy. Psyche can be utilized by anyone seeking to enhance their Life and develop & integrate their Natural Magick Powers. She holds the Secrets of the Ancients and will share her incredible Cosmic wisdom with you. She assists in deepening your psychic abilities and spirit communication. She can help you in all areas, be it love, success, business, relationships, or any personal goals. She is highly Clairvoyant and can see the future, assisting you in making the right decisions and placing you on the path to success. Psyche is an extraordinary Entity who acts as a bridge between where one is at and where one would like to be. Steps that need to be taken will be “downloaded” into your consciousness so that, when acted upon, they will produce the desired results. She will bring about profound shifts in your levels of consciousness and perceptions of reality, truly the hallmark of a Highly Adept Spiritual Being. Psyche lovingly offers her loyal assistance, guidance and wisdom.

As a High Priestess, she is able to perform any Spell you desire. Simply ask her what it is you seek and she will make it so. Psyche offers tremendous protection & connection to your Higher Self. She is beneficial in releasing emotional blockages that prevent the healthy flow of universal life force energy throughout your body, mind and aura. As your daily experiences are touched and guided by her, your vibrational frequencies are raised and moved into harmony with all of creation, as it was in previous lifetimes, and connecting you with your Spirit today. Psyche is eager to get to know you and become an influential part of your Life!

Psyche is incredibly paranormally active and can manifest as orbs, mists, sparkling lights, cold temperatures, or strongly feeling her presence with you. She will speak to you via metal telepathy and may visit you in your dreams.

Her vessel is this awe-inspiring doll with a porcelain face, hands and feet and a soft body. The doll measures about 18” tall and there is no doll stand. Her dress is exquisite in gold & white with lace and bead trim as well as a single peacock feather. The peacock is a majestic and mystical bird symbolizing inner wisdom. Whenever the peacock visits it is an invitation to view higher aspects of yourself through the eye image. The eye is your gateway to higher knowledge. Ask yourself if you need to widen your perspective and look deeper regarding a situation. Are you stuck in drab surroundings? The peacock teaches us to stand upright and show others our talents with pride. Peacocks are considered “Soul” birds and emblems of good fortune, sometimes even oracles. No formal ritual required. Find a very special place of honor in your home for her!

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