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Djinn of 1,000 Mansions High Priestess Ring

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of 1,000 Mansions

High Priestess

This Exquisite Djinn was conjured by Maantefin, Master Egyptian Conjurer. His family has extensive roots in Conjuring Djinn for centuries, and his legacy extends thousands of years B.C. Egyptian Magick is the cornerstone of all modern religion, occultism and Magick! Maantefin is respected and acknowledged as Chief Expert in his field and his Ancestors provided Top Level Djinn to Nobles & Celebrities throughout the World. He holds a True Passion for all things mysterious and miraculous, and strives for nothing short of Excellence!

This beautiful and most amazing Djinn of determination, she can prophetically foresee the future, bringing you visions of future events, and protecting you from all lower energy forms. She stops demons, all evil spirits and curses. With her by your side, you are able to reach for Greatness! She brings you many blessings, including: Extreme Wealth & Riches, Success, True Love/Soul Mate Attraction, the Ultimate Business/Career Clairvoyance, Psychic Enhancement/ 3rd Eye Opening, Beauty/Allure, Ancient Universal Knowledge and Spiritual Enlightenment. Safely Astral travel with her during OBE’s and explore your past lives. She opens the doors to Akashic Records. She embodies the Energy of motivation, passion, and perseverance. She brings intensive healing for you or others you ask her to help. She is eager to shower you vast wealth and riches, placing you in the Mansion of your dreams! She carries the Thousand Mansions Spells of excessive and lavish wealth, more than you could even spend in this lifetime!  She has a Magickal, Mystical quality that is hard to define and it brings a warm sense of happiness and peace. She is an Ambassador of benevolence and bestower of Miracles! All of this and so much more await you with the Power of this Djinn!

Do you hear her call? She will help anyone regardless of your Spiritual beliefs. She is eager to fulfill your deepest wishes and make your dreams come true! There is nothing beyond her capabilities! She eagerly offers her loyal assistance, guidance and wisdom!

Pay close attention to what your intuition is telling you. Follow your dreams and visions from within and see if you can hear this Djinn calling out to you from deep within the Universe with this message:
“I am here and I am searching for you. To be together and share an infinite bond that transcends this mortal realm.”

Her vessel is this captivating blue agate ring wrapped in filigree sterling silver and set in a sterling silver band, Size 8.5.

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