Tahitian Magick Money Tree Spell Cast Voodoo Ring


Magick Money

Tree Spell

Cast Voodoo Ring

This Magick Ring was Spell Cast by a Tahitian Voodoo High Priestess with 77 Wealth Drawing, Riches & Luxury Spells of the Money Tree! This money magnet ring increases your chances of winning games of chance, lotteries, gambling, bingo, scratch off tickets, ball drawing, slots, roulette, cards or any game of chance by 77 fold! You will set yourself on the path to winning the grand prize jackpot! It draws a financial windfall of wealth from all corners of the Universe ~ bringing it directly to you. Quick cash and fast money are within your grasp! You will gain success in all areas, find the career or job of your dreams, make tons of money and live the lavish lifestyle you’ve always wanted. The Magick Money Tree Spells focus on all of the abundance and prosperity the Universe offers – when a dollar is Spiritually plucked from the tree, another grows in its place! It is your secret, never-ending supply of massive wealth & riches! Become the millionaire or billionaire you’ve always wanted to be! Your very own Money Tree is waiting to bear fruit and drop riches upon you!

Once you welcome this Money Tree, you could experience the following:

Your Savings will increase and money will flow in to you from many sources!

New Opportunities will Arise; such as a new job, a raise in your current job, etc.

Doors you once thought were closed will spring wide open!

Ideas for Making Money will come to you with ease!

Make a lot more money with less worry and less effort!

Have you ever dreamed of having your Own Money Tree which could bring you the riches and luxuries you deserve? Would you like to have Real Financial Security and Extra Money available at all times for anything you desire? Then this is the Ring for you!

This Ring features a Ruby Zoisite gemstone set in sterling silver, with leaves encompassing the gemstone. Set in sterling silver, Size 7.25. You do not have to wear, you could also carry with you or keep someplace special. This will quickly grow to become one of your most valued keepsakes! Ruby Zoisite is a unique combination of Ruby and Green Zoisite that will raise the energy and neural connections between the wearer’s head and spirit. The vivacious energy of this gem holds a strong Spiritual nature that may alter consciousness and allow the wearer to access their soul memory and easily help with Spiritual learning. It helps the wearer to experience empathy for others and to be observant of his own body needs. Fiery and captivating the Ancients thought it surpassed all other precious stones in virtue, as it supplies a vibration that produces an altered state of consciousness to serve the wearer to see him/her-self and the universe around you. As a truly Spiritual stone, it has constantly been a talisman of love. This gemstone is a gateway to the Spiritual realm and provides beneficial influence to those trying to communicate with Spirits. The meditative green color present in this gemstone is used to commune with Nature spirits and helps clarifies ones Past Lives. The red color energy enhances creativity, brings protection and encourages passion for life. The unique harmony of colors imparts the lovely sense of bliss so that one can embrace it feeling an exuberance for life. With the increased healing and magickal energies, it is known as a light of the soul is quite beneficial in overcoming sexual dysfunction. By blowing up one’s internal resources and fortitude, it is extremely potent for those disposed of to self-harm, suppressed anger and self-disregard. It serves to integrate high-frequency energy into the body and assists one in knowing the true abundance of Spirit.

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