Goddess Persephone Spirit Connection Bracelet

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Greek Goddess


Utilizing the teachings of my Ancestors, and charged under the rays of the Full Blue Moon, I’m honored to unite you with Goddess Persephone! The Autumn & Winter Seasons are the perfect time of year to welcome her. As Queen of the Underworld, she will help you find balance, start successful new ventures, be assertive and bring personal empowerment.

The legend of Persephone begins with her picking wildflowers, when she was abducted by Hades, Lord of the Underworld, to be his Queen. He tricked her into eating pomegranates, which kept her trapped there. Since she was alienated from her society, she grew to have ambivalence towards the outer world and gain a deep connection & understanding of Spirits & the Spiritual realms. She is somewhat reclusive, secretive, and sensitive, requiring time away from external stimulation. Ultimately, she was allowed to rejoin her Mother, who had arranged her release, but was obligated to return each Autumn to spend four months each year in the Underworld because she consumed four pomegranates. She is a powerful Goddess of death, rebirth, Dark side work, cycles, and dualities (uniting the light/dark aspects within yourself).

Persephone has a three-fold nature, found in the Maiden{Kore}/youthful, innocence, new beginnings; Mother/knowledge, abundance, fulfillment; and Crone/hag, wise, darkness, death. All of these aspects can be incorporated into your life in a multitude of different ways. She possesses a youthful face at any age and can bestow you her beauty blessings to help keep you looking young & vibrant too. She is very sympathetic and can help you in overcoming any obstacles or situations in which you feel stuck, especially those you feel are beyond your control. She is also intuitive and empathic; highly tuned-in to others thoughts and feelings. In this way, she can help bring positive people to you and bring you what you need without your even asking. She has a very strong connection to Spirits and the Spiritual Worlds, with the keen ability to cross over into other realms of psychic consciousness and can help bridge gaps for you in making these connections too. She can help you in any and all areas and manifest your deepest desires into reality.

Your purchase is for 1 gorgeous Goddess Persephone bracelet featuring agate beads and 3 blue skull beads on flexible wire to fit any wrist size.

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