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Egyptian Lector Priest God Horus Illuminati Ring

$3,000.00 $3,913.13


Egyptian Lector Priest God Horus Illuminati Ring of Opulence & Magick
 photo illuminati42_zps65aoclsi.jpg

Owned covertly and strictly within the Scottish Sect of the Illuminati Secret Society, this Ring was imbued several Centuries ago with powerful Illuminati Spells. You need no special abilities and there is no formal ritual required to welcome this ring; it will automatically align with your energy and you will be granted wealth, power & secret Occult knowledge. The powers of this Ring will elevate you in all social, business and personal relationships so you always have the upper hand.

These Rare Illuminati Spells are unlike any other ~ they were formulated deciphering secret codes from the Egyptian Book of the Dead. These Spells were focused on the powers of the Chief Lector Priests. In Ancient Egypt, Lector Priests performed amazing Magickal feats. Only they could read the Ancient Books of Magick kept in temple and palace libraries and were credited with the power to bring wax animals to life, roll back the waters of a lake, and amazing transformations. They were known as the Guardians of Secret knowledge that was given by the Gods to humanity to 'ward off the blows of fate'. Obstacles and negative influences will bypass you with this Ring in your care. Wealth and riches will come easily to anyone who retains its power.

This Ring was additionally imbued by several Illuminati Grand Masters at the Temple of Edfu in Egypt. The Egyptian God Horus was worshiped at this Ancient Temple. This Ring was held in a sacred position at an auspicious lunar phase and touched to the walls & hieroglyphs. It was reported to take on a luminous glow at this time. God Horus embodies the powers of the All Seeing Eye to bring you good health, protect your wealth and bring your income to Royalty status.

With the incredible Illuminati Powers of the Lector Priests and God Horus, anything you desire can manifest for you! The Ring will intrinsically read your hearts desires and begin manifesting your dreams into reality.

This ring features a deep blood-red stone clutched in the falcon-talons of Horus, in a band of unknown metal, hand-created with an Alchemical design for its intended Magickal purpose, size 10. It buzzes with energy that when held, sends tingling sensations up my arm! This Relic is from the private collection of Illuminati Master, Lord Sinclair. Only 1 like it in the World.

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