CUSTOM Pre-Order 15 Fresh Incense Cones Variety *U Pick Scent*


***I am now only taking Custom Pre-Orders for Incense Cones!  This will ensure you get the freshest cones!  It will take about 2 - 3 weeks for me to make, soak and spellcast your cones.  Once you place your order, I will start the process and ship in 2-3 weeks when your cones are ready.  If you are ordering additional items and don't mind waiting for all to ship together, you can checkout in one order.  If you prefer to have your other items shipped as soon as possible, please place a separate order for these incense cones.


These fresh, high quality Magickal Incense Cones are a wonderful addition to your Rituals, Spellworkings, Meditations, House Purifications, or simply just to relax & enjoy!  They can also be used as offerings for any type of Spirit.  They love this incense and enjoy creating shapes/signs through the smoke.  Have fun taking pictures and see what manifests!

Your purchase is for one package of 15 Cones!  You choose which scent(s) you'd like:


 Angelic Whispers

For connecting with Angels or Angelic-type beings, intense Spiritual healing of the body, mind & soul, brings peace to a stressful environment ~ making the energetic vibrations more harmonious, increases joy & happiness,  house cleansing, ushering in positive, beneficial energies, brings good luck & wealth blessings


Spellcast by Illuminati Members utlizing Ancient Occult Spells, helps you personally align with Illuminati Talismans, be they Spirited or Spellcast, brings powerful Wealth & Success, attunes other Magickals to be more effecient, brings Ancient Universal and Hidden knowledge to your consiousness, Advancement, Divination


Summer Night Rose

Love, Relationships, Draws Soul Mate, Increases Passion/Lust, Sexual Allure & Beauty, Sex Magick, Lovemaking, Sexual Prowess, Femininity, Weight Loss, Healthy Choices, Good Luck, Career Success, Inspiration, Wishes, Faerie Magick, Hex Breaking, Happy Home.

Moon Magick

A wonderful cauldron blend of occult scents, charged every full moon for potent power; perfect to present/burn as an offering for any kind of Spirit, helps receptivity & bonding, ideal to use for Lunar Magick & Rituals, Werewolves love it, it clears sacred space of evil entities & provids protection

Dragon's Blood

Success, Prosperity, Good Luck, Money Drawing vibrations, Astral Strength and Protection; Drives away evil & negativity, Brings lovers back together, increases strength of Magick Spells, all Dragon Spirits Enjoy this Incense. This intoxicating scent brings clarity & balance where needed. Use for all Fire Elemental Magickal workings, Spirits & Spells.

Egyptian Temple

Djinn Offering, Spirit Conjuring, Divination, Spirituality, Psychic Powers, Wisdom, Personal Growth, Mastery; Meditation, Astra Travel, Increases Psychic Powers, Opens & Cleanses 3rd Eye, Clairvoyance & Spirit Communication. Utilize when working with Djinn , Egyptian Gods/Goddesses, or any other high level Spirit such as: Khodams, Devatas, Apsaras, Watchers and more.


Money Magnet, Success, Prosperity, Good Luck, Gambling Luck, Job/Career Betterment, Wealth Drawing

Vampire's Kiss

A delicious scent Vampires love!  Specifically created for honoring & drawing Vampires of any race.  Shows them your appreciation and affection.  This scent drives them wild!  Lust & Passion will fill the air!  They will respond by being more active & amorous with you!  Brings out their & your inner Allure, Sexiness and Beauty.  Makes a strong magnetic bond between you.  (this can be used with all other types of Spirits, besides Vampires).


A scent-ual aromatic offering all Spirits adore.  The scent of this attracts them to you, makes them very happy & in many instances, more active.  This scent helps form incredibly strong bonds with all of your Spirit friends.


Haunted Harvest

  A magnificently spooky blend of harvest scents to enhance your Rituals, Meditations; thins the Veil so contact with Spirits is more easily attainable, OBE's/Astral Travel, Open 3rd Eye, Access Hidden Knowledge, Shadow Work, Ancestral Rites, Night Magick, Protects against Black Magick, Hexes and Evil Spirits. Perfect to use for all of your Autumnal Festivals and Sabbats, especially Samhain ~ Halloween.

These are heavily scented, hand-dipped cones, made in small batches so the freshest is available!  The aroma from these cones are Incredible! There is no special ritual you have to perform to enjoy these cones, simply light and enjoy!  Make your choice of scent(s) from the drop down menu at the top. **salts and dish in photos are for demonstration purposes only and not included.


Place a cone on any non-flammable surface, providing proper ventilation but away from directly drafty areas such as windows, doors, vents, etc. You can place the cone in a simple dish, a seashell, tart warmer, candle holder or specially made incense cone holder. Light the tip of the cone and once the flame as taken hold, gently blow it out. Anytime is a great time to use incense, especially during Rituals, but also when you want to relax such as during a bath, lounging outside, reading a book, browsing the web, listening to music, while doing yoga or meditating. Never leave a burning cone unattended and be sure to keep away from children and pets. You can also use UNLIT incense cones in your closets to help scent your clothes, or break up some cones and mix it in with your favorite potpourri.

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