Luxottica Occult Billionaire Wealth Ring of Leonardo Del Vecchio




Occult Billionaire

Wealth Ring of

Leonardo Del Vecchio

Leonardo Del Vecchio was born in Milan, Italy in 1935 to a very poor family. His father died 5 months before he was born. He was the fifth child in the family and after several years, his mother came to terms that she could not support them all, so he was reluctantly given to an orphanage at the age of 7 and raised by nuns. As a teenager, Leonardo was interested in starting his own career, at which point he met an Illuminati Grand Master, who covertly gifted him with this old Occult Ring, called the “Luxottica.”

This Ring had been imbued within the Occult Illuminati Society for massive wealth; millionaire and billionaire status and draws lavish money & riches from all sources. Leonardo began making molds for eyeglass frames and soon opened his own molding shop at age 23. The ring brought in client after client and he was soon making tons of money. His shop grew exponentially and he became the leading supplier of luxury brands such as, Ray-Ban and Oakley and invented designs for Prada and Chanel. He named his company “Luxottica” after his Magick Occult Ring that helped him go from rags to riches. It is the largest eyewear company in the world and controls 80% of the world’s major brands. He has currently partnered with google to make the new “Google Glass” frames. Leonardo’s net worth is over $10 billion dollars.

My associate was able to obtain this Occult Ring directly from Leonardo. It was not easy for him to part with such a treasure, but realizes he has made his riches and it is time for someone else to reap the benefits of a financial windfall. You need no special benefits to welcome as simply owning it will place you in the direct money flow and, like a constant stream, you can have as much as you need for yourself & others.

This ring features an array of dazzling gems set in an alchemical band of mixed metals, size 9.  You do not have to wear to benefit.  It is recommended you keep this relic in a special place.

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