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Blood Moon Bear Spirit Guide Charm

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Blood Moon Bear

Spirit Guide


Utilizing the Sacred teachings of my Ancestors, I’m honored to bring you the Blood Moon Bear! These Bear Totems came through on the night of October’s Full Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse 2014 through the Great Bear Constellation! They were additionally charged during the Super Blood Moon Eclipse on Sept. 27, 2015!  Your Bear Spirit Guide is eager to Assist, Support and Guide you on your Spiritual Path!

Bear is considered to be a highly desired ally & Spirit helper because of its Fearless Power. The gifts that Bear offers are Strength, Introspection and Knowledge. During the Spring and Summer, Bear is active both day and night. This symbolizes its dual connection with Solar Energy of strength and power, and Lunar Energy of intuition. Bear will enhance and teach you how to develop both of these within yourself.

During the Winter, Bear spends several months sleeping in a den. This teaches us how to go within and find the resources necessary for our personal survival & Spiritual advancement. Bear wants to help you slow down and find your quiet, Sacred space. In this space of introspection & reflection, true wisdom and deep healing take place as well as past life work. Bear assists you in making the right choices and assists you in defending your beliefs. Bear also encourages you to use your abilities as a natural healer and/or Psychic. This is also a wonderful totem for those interested in Metaphysics, Paranormal, Astronomy or Astrology.

Connected to the Blood Moon Eclipse and Great Bear Constellation, your Bear Spirit Guide brings you a deep Cosmic Connection!

The Legend of Ursa Major:

A beautiful wood nymph, Callisto, gathering flowers in the forest, grew tired and laid down to rest. The God Jupiter noticed her and was smitten with her beauty. Jupiter's wife, Juno, became extremely jealous of Callisto. Some time later, Juno discovered that Callisto had given birth to a son and decided that Jupiter must have been the father. To punish her, Juno changed Callisto into a bear so she would no longer be beautiful.

Callisto's son, called Arcas, was adopted and grew up to be a hunter, while Callisto continued to live in the forest. One day Callisto saw Arcas and was so overjoyed at seeing her son that she rushed up to him, forgetting she was a bear. Arcas thought he was being attacked and shot an arrow at Callisto. Jupiter saw the arrow and stopped it from hitting Callisto. To save Callisto and her son from further damage from Juno, Jupiter changed Arcas into a bear also, grabbed them both by their tails, and swung them both into the heavens so they could live peacefully among the stars. The strength of the throw caused the short stubby tails of the bears to become elongated. Juno was even angrier with Jupiter and managed to exact still more revenge on poor Callisto and Arcas. She went to the gods of the sea and forbade them to let the two bears wade in their water or streams on their long and endless journey around the pole star. The bear now sets except in high latitudes, but in Homer's day and long before, these stars did not sink below the horizon or drop into the seas.

Your purchase is for 1 gemstone Bear Spirit Guide Amulet. These are very small amulets, measuring about ½” tall and .75” wide (not including bail). There are a variety to choose from with corresponding alphabet choices; please let me know your choice when you checkout. Free Chain included!

Just as your personality has many facets, you can have several Animal Totem Guides throughout your life. Sometimes an Animal Guide will come into your life for a short period of time, and then be replaced by another depending on the journey or direction you are headed. Or your Animal Spirit Guides can be with you your entire lifetime. Your Animal Totems will instruct and protect you as you learn how to navigate through your Spiritual and physical life. They help you get back to your Earthly roots and reconnect with Nature.

Don't dismiss an animal because it's not what you think you should have for a Spirit Guide or what you were expecting. Keep an open mind and consider the traits of the Animal and how it can help you in your life. If you notice the Bear in dreams, visions or real life, take it as a sign that this totem has a message for you! Welcome this Spirit Guide and you will be off on an awesome journey!


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