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Mayan Mother Earth Fluorite Healing Bracelet



Mayan Mother Earth Bracelet
Healing & Restoration


This Bracelet has been Empowered with the Spirit of the Maya God of Healing: “Ah Uincir Dz'acab” using Ancient Mayan traditions. Mayan traditional healing is holistic healing, with full awareness that the body, mind, emotions, spirit and environment are all interconnected. They believe that our lives are firmly rooted in respecting, protecting and depending on Mother Earth as the provider and sustainer of life, and the natural source of remedies for ill-health.

All of us on the Planet are interconnected. When there is an environmental crisis, this bracelet will work to bring the right people together to help fix these issues. If you are a Lightworker or want to make an impact on a Global scale, this is the item for you! This bracelet automatically attunes to higher forces to assist Earth & her inhabitants. It brings deep levels of Balance, Harmony, Peace and Renewal, back to our precious Mother Earth! It also does the same for you as it gently allows you to release old stale negative energy as well as any pain or struggle you may currently be facing. This healing can occur on any level, from the most mundane or physical, to the highest aspect of your Spiritual self.

Anything you feel is in need of healing, be it a physical complaint, wanting to lose some weight, issues regarding prosperity, or feeling a spiritual disconnection from the Universe ~ all can be healed with the assistance of the power within this bracelet. Perhaps you have a negative boss or co-workers; this bracelet works at dissolving other’s negative energy so it does not affect you. It helps keep you motivated, happy and focused on your success.

Wearing this bracelet gently raises your vibration and therefore all negativity aimed towards you (especially from bad people who surround you and zap your positive energy, also known as ‘energy vampires’ ) or negativity stuck in your Aura will be dissolved and released from your Energy field because it can no longer maintain its form at this higher level! Allow the light and joy of this Magickal bracelet to permeate throughout every cell of your body and every aspect of your soul. Be open to the blessings and healing that the Higher Power(s) and Mother Nature herself wish to give to you!

This bracelet not only heals you on a personal level, but the Planet on a Global level. There are people all over the World using these Magick Bracelets; forming an invisible Energy Grid. The more people own them and use them, the more interconnected we will become and powerful they will be.

This Gorgeous bracelet features fluorite gemstones on an elastic band that stretches to fit most wrists. Fluorite brings natural Metaphysical properties to further bless your life. There are a full spectrum of colors within Fluorite, which bring enhanced protection. The clear part of the fluorite guards against psychic attack and strengthens consciousness. The purple in the fluorite strengthens mystical insight, psychic awareness and opens the third eye, allowing for improved communication with the psychic realm. The blue fluorite amplifies healing potential and is great for enhancing creativity and clear communication. It calms and revitalizes your energy. The green in the fluorite is cleansing as it grounds excess energy and promotes healing on all levels. Fluorite is excellent for mental enhancement, clarity, improved decision-making and clearing of the energy fields, confusion and negativity. It is effective against computer and electromagnetic stress and is exceptional for bringing order and balance to chaotic situations. It promotes spiritual and psychic wholeness and development, truth, protection and peace. It protects psychically and in the physical realm. It helps you to meditate and learn to get past the "chatter" that the mind tends to generate when first learning to meditate. It helps to dissolve mental blocks and helps the unmotivated spring into action.




All pertinent information will be included in your shipment, including;
A beautiful Parchment Page for your Book of Shadows
A Spellcast Charging Pouch
A Spellcast Candle
Spellcast Incense

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