Christmas Yuletide Angel Ornament

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Christmas ~ Yuletide Angel

This Heavenly Angel Ornament holds the Christmas ~ Yuletide Angel! This time of year offers tremendous promise and potential. This Christmas Angel wants to extend this feeling for you all year round~ making each day the season of faith, hope, miracles and dreams that come true! She symbolizes the promise that can never be broken: no matter what circumstances you’re currently facing, there is always the ever flowing Love of the Universe that can and will create your very own Miracles! Simply ask her for what you desire and watch as blessings unfold before you!

Although this Angel can help you with Anything, all year long, here are some of her specialties:
Bring you inner happiness
Stay on your Path of Truth & Wisdom
Greater Peace & Tranquility
Harmony between family & friends
Bring you unexpected gifts
Show you human generosity
Clear the clutter of the old & make way for the new
Help you find love or enhance the passion in your current relationship

Her vibrations resonate within you creating not only a sense of magic and joy in your world but healing, restoration and empowerment. This Angel is a Pure and Radiant Deity who will bring you peace, love and light! She will provide you with increased wisdom, guidance, protection, wealth, profound joy & peace, a deeper spiritual understanding, reveal untold mysteries and connect you with others who have passed on. She will bestow you with a Multitude of Blessings!

Your purchase is for 1 Yuletide Angel housed in a beautiful off-white metal Angel ornament, about 3” tall. This Angel has “holly” wings. She comes unnamed, but if you so choose, you can name her! Hang her on a nice place on your Christmas Tree or in a Special place of honor in your home! These make wonderful gifts too!

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