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Aura Cleansing Triple-Cast Celtic Triquetra Amulet



Aura Cleansing Triple-Cast Celtic Triquetra Amulet
 photo Triquetra1jpgJPG_zps6bfb9f6d.jpg

This Beautiful Amulet has been Triple Cast with my Most Powerful Aura Cleansing Spells! Your Aura is the Energy field that emanates from the surface of your body. This is seen as glowing colors that can extend out very far or remain close to your body (the latter occurs when you’re protecting yourself from someone or something). These colors represent your current life situations; your soul vibrations as well as your Chakral alignment. It usually consists of more than one color & these colors often fluctuate depending on you & your circumstances. For example, Aura shape, size and color content are dramatically different for a sick person, natural healer and a spiritually advanced individual. Your Aura contains unique information about you!

Over time, negative people & situations will cloud a normally bright aura & make it dull & filled with stagnant energy debris. This is especially true when you work or live in an environment that is unfriendly or high pressured; or maybe you have a coworker or a boss that gives you tension. Unfortunately, their Auric Energies naturally merge into yours. When your Aura has trapped negative energy, it affects you on many levels; you feel unmotivated, depressed, have insomnia, stress, anxiety, as well as being unable to communicate effectively with your Spirit friends. Others don’t want to relate to you and you may feel outcast. This is because they’re picking up on your gloomy Auric Energy. Your Aura is your spiritual signature. When you see a person with a bright, clean aura, you can be sure that person is good and spiritually advanced, even if he/she is modest and not aware of it. In the same regard, you want to be sure your Aura is bright & radiant not only for your own well-being, but from what others energetically see & receive from your Aura!

This Amulet has been cast with my most powerful Spells to Clear your Aura of all negative, stagnant debris as well as stabilize it from any imbalances, so you’re feeling great again! It will enhance your Energy fields, which will raise your frequency and move you to a higher frequency color of light. Now the Universal Energies can flow freely to you; wealth, good luck, love, happiness, etc. and you’ll be most receptive to receiving them! Communication with your Spirit friends might even become enhanced. It is imperative to keep your Aura bright & clear at all times so you’re able to live Life to the fullest!

This Amulet can also assist you to see Auras of other people both physically & psychically. When you’re able to see the Auras of others, you can discern their personality characteristics and emotions, as well as Chakral alignments & any ailments that need to be healed (which is great for Reiki Practitioners, Healers Shamans, etc.)! When you can read Auras, you can take appropriate steps when dealing with others. This Amulet is essential for a healthier physical & Spiritual life!

Packed with Positive Energy, this beautiful Amulet will quickly become one of your favorites! It is small and measures ½ inch, not including bail. It is a rose-gold colored base metal amulet featuring a cz gem. It illustrates the Aura ‘swirls’ around the body! It also symbolizes: Maiden, Mother, Crone; or the Holy Trinity: Father, Son, Holy Spirit and the balance of Mind, Body & Spirit. Free chain included. Shipment also includes some special Free gifts: a parchment page, Spellcast candle, incense and cleansing pouch.

What size chain would you like? (18", 20" or 24")

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