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The Devil's Urn of Toremented Souls

$866.66 $2,666.66

The Devil’s Urn of Tormented Souls

This remarkable piece was owned by Satanic Members of the Illuminati and imbued decades ago with powerful Demonic Kabbalistic Magick. Known as the Devil’s Urn, this piece holds the Tormented Souls of the Hell, waiting to enter the world of the living to haunt your enemies! They will bring suffering to those who hurt you in the forms of: misery, confusion, relationship destruction, divorce, job loss, stress, anguish, loss of love & loved ones, self-doubt, illness, unattractiveness, tormenting nightmares and increased accidents. Their lives will literally become a living hell as they try to sort through the relentless stream of misfortunes piled upon them.

The Tormented Souls oversee all aspects of your enemies lives to be sure it is turned upside down, and then return to the Urn. These Souls have been invisibly marked with a wealth attracting Sigil, so that once they return from their missions, they bring with them an immense vapor trail of wealth energies that are deposited within the Urn and disbursed for your use. This quickly adds up to powerful riches, success, and lavish luxuries for you!

Paranormal activity is associated with this Urn; seeing orbs, mists, black shadows, sparks of light, feeling cold spots or someone touch you, hearing knocking, moaning or other strange noises, and smelling a sulfuric smell. Removing the lid, one can sometimes see the ghostly mists of the Tormented Souls rise and disappear into the air.

No formal ritual required. Simply open the lid and state the names of your enemies you want the Tormented Souls to afflict. Due to the powerful nature of this item, please use responsibly!

It’s not meant for retaliation for flippant inconveniences that others cause you, rather, for appropriate instances that are truly warranted; when others want to harm you, block you or wreak havoc in your life.

The Devil’s Urn is made of iron and features a Black Shuck (Devil Dog) on the lid. It measures about 5.7” tall and 4” across. It weighs 1 lb, 12.8 ounces. Iron is magnetic and used in defensive Magick as it holds strong protective properties. This piece could also be used to burn a tealight candle, incense, store gems or other dark Magick talismans for Metaphysical cleansing. It really did not like me taking pictures of it and most of them were blurry.

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