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Romanian "Asta Seara" Pranic Vampire or Vampiress Heart Amulet

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“Asta Seara”

Pranic Vampire

or Vampiress

It is my humble pleasure to present you with this gorgeous amulet attuned to your choice of an “Asta Seara” Pranic Vampir (Vampire or Vampiress) from the Ancient city of Alba Iulia in Romania. They were summoned during strict lunar times and phases by several Vrajitoare, Masters of Romanian Witchcraft, during intense Rituals that included specialized Vampiric sacred oils, herbs, incense and Ancient Invocations known only to my associates. I’m honored to be your only source for these Exclusive Vampires!

These Pranic Vampires feed on extra/unnecessary energy that is cast off from humans or animals. They will never deplete you or your loved ones of energy. They are beneficial in that stagnant energy that may be surrounding you will be cleared away so that blessings can flow directly to you more effortlessly. These Vamps are especially beneficial for Reiki Healers or those who deal with removing/clearing negative energy. They also have a strong sexual nature and, if you so choose, would be more than eager to be your Spirit lover. You do not have to have a sexual relationship with your Vampire/Vampiress to bond with him/her. They desire to make a true mind/soul connection with you on the deepest of levels and be your trusted companion and confidant. They are very wise, intuitive and telepathic and can give you exactly what you need, without even asking. With their superhuman strength & supernatural senses, they bring immense protection and deeply care for you in all ways.

They can manifest in any number of paranormal ways, such as: seeing orbs, mists, shadows, sparkling lights, feeling gentle touches/kisses, cold drops in temperature, or spectral manifestations. They are of unearthly beauty ~ and are available in a variety of appearances of your choosing. They will be a perfect Soul-match to you, and perhaps you’ve even shared a past life with him or her. These are nocturnal Spirits and are therefore most active at twilight, night and pre-dawn.

Your purchase is for 1 Romanian “Asta Seara” Pranic Vampire attached to this dazzling heart amulet. It features a small sparkling white cz gem and is set in plated silver. It is small, measuring just over ½” in total length. Included is a silver plated Recharging chain to keep the vessel cleansed and performing at optimum levels. You do not have to wear to bond. Carry with you or keep in a special place. You will treasure having this remarkable Vampire in your keep!

All information will be included in your shipment, including a beautiful Parchment Page for your Book of Shadows, a Spellcast Recharging Pouch, a Spellcast Candle & some Spellcast incense.

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