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Universal Djinn Wishing Portal Bracelet

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Universal Djinn

Wishing Portal


Utilizing the Ancient Magick from Egyptian Conjurer Maantefin, I am excited to bring you these incredible Universal Djinn Wishing Portal bracelets! This beautiful bracelet is a Portal to the Djinn Realms of only the Elite, Most Powerful Djinn. Your wishes tap into the Djinn flow of All that is Good! Simply mentally imbue your deepest wishes into the Bracelet and they will be carried to the Most Helpful Djinn to manifest them into reality. You do not have to bond with any Djinn, because it will automatically find the appropriate Djinn to help you based on your specific wish. There are thousands of different tribes of Djinn from the entire Universe eager to assist you! You can ask as many wishes as you desire ~ their power is limitless!

Do you want a few changes? When you welcome this Bracelet, many wonderful things begin to occur! Old problems that you may have struggled for years with suddenly begin to dissolve because you no longer feel that you have to come up with the solutions. You simply know that the perfect Djinn has already created the solution for you and in the perfect time, it will appear! Doors that you have been pushing against suddenly swing open or new and better opportunities suddenly take their place! You are no longer fighting, resisting, worrying or feeling concern over anything ~ you are simply allowing your Life to move into Higher and Higher Flows where the Djinn bring you only the most Positive occurring Manifestations! Ask, Believe & Receive! Stay focused on the positive and the energy will begin flowing and you open the floodgates for Everything you are meant to Be, Have and Experience!

Your purchase is for 1 beautiful Djinn Wishing Portal Bracelet composed of agate and gold beads with a $ money bag charm. It is elastic and will fit most wrist sizes. You do not have to wear to enjoy the benefits. This beautiful Bracelet will quickly become one of your most treasured!

All pertinent information will accompany your shipment, including:
*a beautiful Parchment Page for your Book of Shadows
*a Recharging Pouch
*a Spellcast Candle
*Spellcast Incense

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