Threefold Knights of Camelot + Avalon Spells Portal Ring

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Threefold Knights

of Camelot Ring


This Ring is from my associate, Lord Sinclair, generational member and Master of Knights Templar & Arthurian Magick. This Ring was imbued with the Spirits of 3 of King Arthur’s Top Knights: Sir Lancelot, Sir Gawain and Sir Galahad. These three Knights will manifest in spectral form to you both individually and together and give you special signs and messages through the number 3; such as noticing the time 3:33, etc. Each Knight brings their own Unique Powers & Blessings to enhance your life!

Sir Lancelot will assist you with all areas of Love; finding/keeping the love you desire, increasing passion, having others lust after you, beauty and allure. Sir Gawain will bring you deep healing, strength, courage and bravery in all you do. Sir Galahad bestows blessings regarding financial gain, wealth, luxury and finding hidden treasures. Keepers of Arcane Knowledge & Hidden Treasures, these 3 Knights will bring you Prophetic Dreams and visions filled with Wisdom to enhance your journey! They will envelope you in the Magickal World of Arthurian Legend; join them on exhilarating expeditions to meet Merlin, King Arthur, Queen Guinevere and more! Learn the destiny of your own Knight’s Quest! They will bestow you profound blessings for an Amazing Life!

This Ring is also a portal to Camelot and also has many Avalon Spells placed upon it. These Spells were performed in strict accordance to Secret Codes & Manuscripts of Merlin known only within the Elite Sinclair Sect Order. The Spells are for extreme wealth & riches, advanced healing, supernatural psychic powers, deeper Spiritual connections and personal empowerment. They will manifest automatically in your life!

Your purchase is for 1 Threefold Knights Ring, composed of stainless steel.  Please choose your size from the drop-down menu. It features a moveable shield that lifts to reveal a spooky skeletal face! This is one of my personal favorites and hopefully yours too!

The talisman is from High Master of Templar Magick, Lord Sinclair! It is meant for the discerning Metaphysical Collector and is to be handled with great care & respect. If you feel strongly drawn to this auction, the 3 Knights have made their intentions known ~ do not forsake their call, for they have tremendous blessings to bestow you!!

All pertinent information will accompany your shipment!

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