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Exultation of King David Occult Spells Relic Ring

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Exultation of King David Occult Spells Ring
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King Solomon’s (also spelled: Suleman, Sulayman & Suleiman) Secret of Knowledge, Love, Magick & Occult Power was hidden in his Precious Magick Talismans! In Prophet Solomon’s modest request for wisdom only, he was rewarded with luxurious riches and the ability to access the Spiritual & Astral Realms, which extended over the upper world inhabited by the Angels and over the entire planet and all of its inhabitants, including all the animals, birds, and reptiles, as well as the demons and spirits. His control over the demons, spirits, and animals amplified his splendor ~ the demons brought him precious stones, and water from distant countries to irrigate his exotic plants. King Solomon’s wisdom grew exponentially and he learned how to create effective Magick Talismans, so he could control all of the Spirits, thereby, controlling his Destiny and changing his Life! Possession of an Authentic King Solomon Talisman will not only Greatly Enhance Your Life, but also your own personal Magick, Rituals, Prayers and Spells!

The Secrets of King Solomon were utilized by the Original 9 Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon, more commonly known as the Knights Templar. Once inside King Solomon’s Temple, these Christian Warriors found miraculous physical & spiritual treasures, but discovered something much greater: the Ancient Magick of King Solomon. Masters at decoding, the Knights were able to decipher King Solomon’s teachings into Useful & Powerful Magick for their cause! They not only drew upon the Power of the Magick Talismans hidden by King Solomon himself, but they became Masters in Conjouration and quickly gained armies of Djinn, Angels and other Spirits to assist them in battles, protection and amass extensive wealth.

Seven Ancient Manuscripts, considered to be the origin of much of the Ceremonial Magick in Medieval times, were written by King Solomon and passed on to his son, Rehoboam, as a testament that contains all of the wisdom he possessed prior to his death. This testament was carved on tree bark, and the Magickal designs were engraved on plates of copper and hidden within the Temple of Solomon. This Vessel was imbued with these Secret Codes of Solomon known only by the Sinclair Sect and offered by my associate Lord Sinclair. It has been used extensively by the underground Elite for hundreds of years. Relics of this nature are very rarely offered to the general public.

Exultation of King David
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King David’s attitude is what set him apart from others. He wasn’t just a passionate man, but a man passionate about the right things. His rule over Israel was a time a great advancement for the nation. Ultimately, he set the stage for his son, King Solomon to take Israel to the highest point in its history.

Never before seen by the public, this Ring houses powerful King David Spells to enhance your life! As a boy, David took on the challenge of defeating the giant Goliath and he successfully did so with one stone from his slingshot. Are you facing a giant problem or impossible situation? Do you need help seeing or transforming the situation from a new vantage point? Do you need to take courageous action in the face of insults and fearful circumstances? With the ownership of this magnificent Ring, there is no need to cower in fear or stop yourself from taking the next step on your journey. It will obring you all you desire and manifest your deepest wishes; be they for love/romance, wealth, fame, success or more.

The King David Spells for personal power will help you get the leverage you need to overcome the most difficult situations or people. There may be large or many obstacles blocking your way to true happiness ~ these will be moved or obliterated altogether! Nothing will stop you from achieving your goals or moving forward in the right direction! Wealth will flow easily to you, along with the wisdom you need to gain Spiritual Enlightenment. As you move forward on your path, any Demons in your way will fall & Black Magick will dissolve. The King David Spells will bring out & strengthen your own natural talents & gifts; blessing your life & the lives of others. You will gain much proficiency and aptitude in your abilities, which will lead to massive financial gains, success and happiness! Sacred Occult Knowledge & the mysterious workings of the Universe will be revealed to you through visions & dreams. The Spirit of King David also “haunts” this Ring and his specter could visit you in visions & dreams, sharing knowledge, and bringing clarity and assistance.

This Ring holds a tremendous amount of Mystical Occult Energy and is intended for the Discerning Metaphysical Collector. Please use responsibly!

This Ancient Ring features an impressively large cherry-red gem set in a band of unknown metal; size 8.75. The gem measures an inch in length. Several facial manifestations occurred with nearly every photo! Because this is a very old artifact, it is recommended that you do not wear it, rather keep it in a Special place of Honor in your home.

This piece is from a Private Collection from my friend, Scottish Mage & High Master of Solomon & Templar Magick, Lord Sinclair! He had a difficult time parting with it, but knows now is the time for it to bless the life of another! There is only 1 Like it in the World! The Energy from this Vessel is Amazing and Among the Highest I’ve Ever had the Pleasure of Encountering! If you feel drawn to this Ring, King David is calling to you! You may not even know why, but you won’t be able to stop thinking about this Ring until it is yours!

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