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Blessed Rose Petals Herb Love Magick

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Grown within my Secret Rose Garden, these enchanting Rose Petals have been Spellcast to usher more Love into your Life! They bring  Love, Happiness, Beauty, Attraction, Allure, Lust, Romance, Passion, Good Luck, help Finding a Soulmate, Deepen Relationships and New Friendships. 

Use in your Rituals or simply sprinkle on your Altar or Sacred Space to enjoy their energies. 

You will receive 1 cup of potent Magick Rose Petals.  Your choice Pink or Red.  The Pink is just petals. The Red has more buds & stems.  In a ziploc bag for freshness.

** Outside the US, please check your Country for import regulations.  Some Countries do not allow the import of herbs.  I am not responsible for packages siezed by Customs.

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