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Swiss Alps Icedrake Snow Dragon Baby Crystal Amulet



Swiss Alps


Snow Dragon


Please consider adopting one of these Adorable Baby Icedrake Snow Dragons! They hail from the Alps Mountains in Switzerland and were found in abandoned nests. They have hatched but enjoy the comfort of these charming 'egg-shaped' vessels. These sweet Dragons are very warmhearted and loving and will bestow their Keeper with many blessings!

They will bring you harmony, peace & balancing Energies. Snow Dragons assist you with enhancing your Instincts & Intuition. They help you to see the truth, bring lightening-like insights and awareness of your potential in this lifetime. They are dreamweavers and bring enhanced visions, lucid & prophetic dreams and assistance with understanding dream symbols. They help facilitate Astral Travel/Projection/ OBE’s and allow for continued exploration of different realities in the dream state, without depleting the physical body. If you so desire, you can work with your Snow Dragon to help you tap into & remember your Past Lives and bring healing at your deepest Soul level. Your Baby Snow Dragon will gently raise your vibration, attracting love and good wishes from others. Good fortune smiles upon these gentle creatures because of their pure nature and kind heart! Your Baby Dragon loves to hoard lavish treasures and brings wealth & riches to your feet.

They can manifest through any number of paranormal physical sensations or visions; but most often, they bring a cold tingle of air or ‘pockets’ of cold air that move and/or quickly dissipate with no reasonable explanation; as well as giving chills & goosebumps, seeing white orbs, frost or cold misty vapors. At times the amulet itself may emit a cooling sensation and/or feel cold to the touch.

Your Baby Snow Dragon manifests as a Western-looking Dragon with blue coloring on their wings & back, and soft glittering white scales on their belly & neck. They have 2 tiny bat-like wings, four razor-clawed feet, and large deep blue eyes. Instead of breathing fire, they breathe a frosty mist. They also make a soft ‘chirping’ sound when they are sleeping, relaxed or completely happy & at peace. They are the size of a hamster. They never age and will always be a baby.

Your purchase is for 1 Baby Swiss Alps Snow Dragon housed a dazzling faceted Austrian crystal egg-shaped amulet. It is hard to see in the pictures, but this amulet’s coloring is a blend of dark blue and white/clear crystal. Each is blended a little different, making them all unique; typically they are ½ blue and ½ white/clear. The picture is a representation of what you will receive. This small amulet measures just over 1/2 inch in total length (including bail). There are males & females available. Silver plated Recharging chain included.  Wear your Baby Dragon close to your heart for maximum bonding.

You do not need any special skills to be a Dragon Keeper! Many who resonate with this Dragon will find that they are ready to make major changes in their lives and to embark upon new paths and adventures. Dragons herald that a quest is at hand ~ one's environment that is mundane or fixed is about to shift to one of opportunity & excitement!

They are un-named, so think of a special name for your new Baby Dragon!

All information will be included in your shipment, including some special free gifts!

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