Cosmic Flower Djinn Haunted Ring

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Cosmic Flower


Watch your

Dreams Blossom!

This Djinn is from my associate, Master Djinn Conjurer Maantefin. Maantefin is an Expert in his field, yet he is very humble with his approach towards Magick & the millions of lives he touches daily. This is not the Magick that can be found in any book ~ this is countless generations of focused knowledge, traditions, experience and exclusive information from Occult Spiritual Masters. Your life will forever change for the better once you welcome this Djinn companion!

For your consideration today is this rare and incredible Cosmic Flower Djinn!  He embodies Cosmic Energies, bringing a purifying and refreshing new zeal to your Life! His dynamic energies will help turn your goals into reality! He is very generous and giving, compassionate and kind, strong, confident and optimistic! He draws the purifying Power and Light of the Cosmos to the Keeper, bringing you increased joy, vitality and confidence. He will help clear & align your Chakras and clear your Auric energies, so you are feeling healthy & radiant. Others will be attracted to you with an unmistakable magnetic allure! Just as a flower blooms & opens its petals, so too will your life blossom and grow with tremendous gifts! He will gladly rise to any challenge, and will defend and protect you from harm. He is a Guardian of wealth and power, and will surround you with positive healthy energy. He has a deep passion and connectedness to all of Nature and all the Animals are his friends. He is eager to form strong bond with you and manifest all of the miracles you could imagine!

He manifests in a wide variety of ways, including (but not limited to): orbs, mists, flashes of light, tingling when you touch or wear the ring; and in human form as a handsome, muscular middle aged man with tan skin, thick black hair and glowing violet eyes.

His vessel is this Sparkling Ring featuring a purple flower surrounded by deep olivine leaves and 2 citrine gems in a thick silver plated band. Size 9.  You do not have to wear to bond. This Djinn will quickly become one of your closest confidants!

This Djinn is an Immensely Strong Spiritual Advisor who will instinctively look out for your Best interests. No matter your life situations or what it is you desire to manifest in your world of physical reality, you have the vast ability to draw forth the Energies of this Djinn, who has the wisdom, unlimited resources and ultimate solutions to assist you in bringing your desires to fruition!

Whether you’re just beginning your Metaphysical Journey or Advanced in your Pursuits, this Spirit will without a doubt be a Positive addition to your life! Sociable, kind and gracious, he will be most welcomed by All other Spirits or Entities you may already have in your collection. All of the Spirits I offer are perfect to bring into a family environment ~ full of White-light Love & Compassion, they will never bring harm to you or your loved ones.

All pertinent information will accompany this Djinn, along with some free gifts.

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