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FREEBIE! 4 Baby Firefly Fairies Haunted Ring

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4 Baby Firefly Fairies Haunted Ring

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I summoned these Scottish Seelie Court Fae utilizing the Ancient teachings of my Celtic Ancestors. This ring holds 4 baby Firefly Fae and you can choose the genders!

The Firefly Babies will love spending time with you and/or any other Spirit friends you happen to have! They are very playful and enjoy bringing you happiness and laughter!

They will bring you clarity and focus as well as illuminate the path that is hidden in order to understand your life’s purpose, talents & force. They provide the divine spark of insight and inspiration. They help you understand that which is confusing and bring wonder and awe in the darkness. They will teach strength to replace fear in the midst of the darkness; Spiritual or Emotional. Sometimes the faintest the light will see you through!

They bring many blessings, including: creative inspiration, healing, good health (eating healthy food, losing weight if need be), happiness, balance & peace, love (finding or keeping), wealth, success, connections with new or old friends, finding or strengthening your hidden talents, astral travel, clarity, beauty, stronger connection to Nature, past life awakening, opening 3rd eye, Aura cleansing, animal telepathy, connection with Spirits and happiness and (law of) attracting all things positive into your life. They help you awaken your Spiritual Gifts and place you on the right path, leading you to strong Spiritual support! Opportunities will open to you and doors you once thought were closed will open ~ or new doors will open!

They emit a rhythmic twinkling star-like light (like a firefly) in colors of white, pinks and purples! They can also manifest as orbs, mists or odd light phenomenon. Although they can be active any time of day, they are typically moreso at dawn & dusk, as well as all of the Solstices.

Your 4 baby Firefly Fae are housed in this enchanting 18KRGP ring, Size 8.25. It features 2 pink gems & 2 purple gems set in a heart shape, with a “crown” of several white cz gems. Please let me know what genders you would like upon checkout.  They are unnamed; you can name them if you so desire.  Wear, carry with you or keep in a special place! You will thoroughly enjoy welcoming these little sweeties into your life!

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Thanks so much & brightest blessings!

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