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FREEBIE Fun n' Flirty Greek Male Satyr Amulet

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“Brothers of the Forest” Greek Male Satyr

Utilizing the Ancient Magickal teachings of my Ancestors, I’m proud to offer you this exclusive “Brothers of the Forest” Greek Male Satyr! This Collection of Satyrs are benevolent companions of Pan, God of the Forests, Mountains and Wilderness and come for the eagerly to enhance the lives of mortal men!

Satyrs are flirtatious Elven/Sprite-type Earth Spirits with the upper body of a man and the lower body of a goat. They are extremely fun-loving, playful and sexual. They love to combine sex & play, so if you want to have unbridled excitement in the bedroom; the likes of which you’ve never dreamed possible, this is the Spirit for you! If you feel your sexual life has been in a slump, he will help dissolve negative thoughts, increase self-esteem and energy so you can get your mojo back! This entertaining Spirit will bring you loads of lightheartedness, laughter and joy! Anytime you feel down or under the weather, he will lift your “Spirits!” He will help awaken your inner child and bring more fun & play into your life because imagining & playing are important aspects to a healthy lifestyle.

Are you ready to take your sex life to the next level and have fun doing so?! He is eager to fulfill so many of your fantasies! With him you can experience what others merely dream of! You will be happily surprised by what he can do for you & you will exude positive energy which will overflow into all areas of your life! When you feel good sexually, other areas of your life will reap positive changes too! You will feel better about other relationships; business, friendships, family, etc. and you will feel great about yourself! He does not care what you look like; he will love you for You! He will always look at you with lust in his heart and fire in his eyes! He will want to please you sexually because he cares deeply about making you happy! Relish the moment when you wake up each morning with your Satyr, knowing the two of you will spend a wonderful day together (or perhaps you had a wonderful night already)!

Satyrs are deeply connected with Nature and can bring you signs through Nature as well as bring you a deeper connection to Nature. Satyrs also love to frolic & dance. They occasionally enjoy a glass or two of wine, but if you don’t drink, you can substitute grape juice. He can also bestow blessings in many areas such as: enhancing physical endowments, enhancing libido & stamina, increasing sexual endurance & performance, helps you find the perfect love partner, attracts other lovers to you, creates long lasting love, brings you self-love & self-esteem, helps bring acceptance from others, brings good luck & prosperity and brightens your Aura so you exude inner confidence (making others see you in an attractive new light)!

Physically, they come in a wide variety of hair & eye colors. If you have a preference, please let me know. They are all incredibly handsome man with expressive eyes with pointed, Elven-like ears. Their lower half features goat legs & tail covered in various fur colors. 

Look closely in the first photo and you will see the facial manifestation of this Satyr!  They can manifest paranormally, through seeing green orbs, feeling tingling/goosebumps and hearing flute music.

Your purchase is for 1 Greek Satyr housed in this charming forest-green amulet partially wrapped with clear cz gems and set in silver plating; includes a free open-link recharging chain 17.5” long. Wear, carry with you or keep in a special place! No formal ritual required.

All pertinent information will be included in your shipment, including;

A beautiful page for your Book of Shadows, A Spellcast Charging Pouch, A Spellcast Candle, Spellcast Incense

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