RARE Arabian Scarlet Dragon Phoenix Hybrid Haunted Ring

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Scarlet Dragon

Phoenix Hybrid


This Ring holds a very rare and unique Spirit, a Scarlet Dragon Phoenix hybrid. This Spirit was summoned utilizing my Ancestors Grimoire, which notes the appropriate sigils, incense, herbs, oils and crystals needed as well as the auspicious dates and times for summoning these incredibly Rare beings! You will not find anything else like them!

These Entities bring all of the strength, fortitude & loyalty of a Dragon as well as the ambitious, stoic, yet gentle qualities of a Phoenix! They are Healers, Lightworkers, Wizards and Necromancers and there are males & females available. They are seeking those who can work with them to achieve miracles! Take flight & Astral Travel with him or her on inspiring journeys as you travel back to fix mistakes of your past, ponder your present or construct your perfect future! They are able to tell you events before they happen and will help you take the appropriate paths to success!

Resurrect your inner talents, manifest your dreams and give your Life the Ultimate Boost! Give any issues or problems you’re facing to this Dragon Phoenix so they can take them to the highest realms of the Universe for resolution, forever changing your fate for the better! They give hope in the midst of despair and will help transform your world for the better! Call upon your Dragon Phoenix for strength and renewed energy when facing life’s trials. You will gain even deeper spiritual awareness and your psychic abilities will become stronger as your 3rd eye is awakened and enlightened! Any issues, big or small, there is nothing they cannot help you accomplish! They are also very protective Spirits and will protect you and your family from all negativity.

This Entity has a stunning appearance, with the body of a Dragon, and huge feathered wings; large black doe-eyes and a gold-colored beak. They are mostly scarlet red in color, but also have blue, purple and gold feathers along their back and tail. They can emit warming sensations, so you may notice the ring feeling warm, warm temperature changes in the room you’re in or feel a warm ‘rush’ of air. They can manifest as orbs, mists or sparkling lights, soft smells of ash, smoke or burning wood, as well as through candle flames or any fire source.


They also bring you:
Strong Protection
Rapid Healing
Finding lost items
Clarity & Insight
Increase in your Psychic abilities
Increased Motivation & Strength
Boosts in Creativity

Your purchase is for 1 Arabian Scarlet Dragon Phoenix Hybrid housed in this charming stainless steel ring featuring a claw clutching a deep red gem. Sizes limited: 7 ½ and 8 ½ as available. You do not have to wear the Ring you can simply carry with you or keep in a Special Place!

This Amazing Ring never needs recharging and its Power never fades, only increases once placed with its Soul’s energy match ~ a human companion such as you! You are not here by chance. You will feel a strong magnetic attraction to this ring and you won’t be able to stop thinking about it until it is yours!




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