Black Moon Djinn & 4 Hafaza Angels Ring

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Black Moon


& 4 Hafaza


This Exquisite Djinn & 4 Angels Ring is honorably being presented to you by my associate Maantefin, a Master Sahir Egyptian Conjurer. His family has extensive roots in Conjuring Djinn for centuries, and his lineage extends thousands of years B.C. Maantefin’s Djinn are considered much more Advanced than your typical Djinn. These Black Moon Djinn come from a secret location; the side of the Moon that is permanently turned away, and not visible from the surface of the Earth. Maantefin’s Ancestral family have been providing the Best Djinn to some of the most Noble Citizens in the World; Occult Societies, World Leaders, Royalty and Celebrities as well as many who’ve sought his assistance. He holds a true Passion for the Mysteries of the Occult and strives for nothing short of excellence!

This Remarkable Djinn is one of the Highest Levels & Most Powerful! He can foresee the future and the cause and effect of events. This allows him to bestow you with Blessings at just the right time! And if the Universe allows, he can actually bend fate in your favor, making the seemingly impossible miraculously turn around! He brings blessings in all areas; Psychic Enhancements, Protection, Love, Beauty, Success and true Financial Monetary Gains. This Djinn is not only for one seeking fortunes, but for those who have an Incredible Will to Succeed. Entrepreneurs, Businessmen & Women will stay on top of their game with the assistance of this Djinn. He will work with you steadily and methodically toward Financial Success and won't relax until there's plenty of cash on hand. He empowers you with feelings of strength and accomplishment and a delicious sense that you have arrived! All of this and much more is just waiting to flourish in every area of your life! Welcome this Wise & Accomplished Advisor into your life and you welcome his extraordinary blessings!

This Djinn is strongly tied to the Black Moon bringing the Lunar energies of: peace, deep wisdom, divination, contacting the guru within, letting things die away completely, thorough cleansing, banishing evil Spirits & hexes, eliminating addictions, removing obstacles, ridding self of things no longer needed or wanted, including: debt, extra weight, bad habits, emotional blocks and negativity.

He can manifest through visions and dreams, as well as paranormally, through seeing orbs, mists and shadows. You may also see increasing signs of the Black/New Moon, Monarch butterflies or black and orange colors.

The 4 dazzling Blue Topaz gems house 4 Hafaza Angels. A Hafaza is similar to a Guardian Angel. Each person is assigned four Hafaza Angels; 2 of which keep watch during the day and 2 during the night. Your 4 nameless Angels will guard and protect you from all harm; they block others Black Magick, Hexes, Evil Spirits and anything malevolent. They can manifest as wisps of white or blue mists and a general feeling of love & safety.

Not everyone can handle this extreme type of power in one vessel!

Your purchase is for 1 Black Moon Djinn & 4 Hafaza Angels housed in this Enchanting Ring, featuring a Black Onyx gemstone surround by 4 Blue Topaz gems, set in stainless steel. Sizes limited and vary; please let me know your size preference before purchase to check availability. You do not have to wear to bond, you can carry with you or keep in a special place. You will treasure having this incredible Djinn & 4 Angels in your life!

No formal ritual required. All information will be included in your shipment.

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