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 Starry 1 Night


Man in the Moon Spell Cast Earrings

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Mani Norse God

“Man in the Moon”


   Utilizing the Ancient Norse Spells in my Ancestor’s Grimoire, I’m honored to present you with these beautiful earrings imbued with the Spirit of the Norse God, Mani, the Man in the Moon. In Old Norse legend, Mani guides the Moon across the night sky, chased by a wolf named Hati. Whenever the wolf managed to catch him, there would be a lunar eclipse.

Mani is a Guardian, Healer, Protector, Teacher and Guide. He is incredibly kind, gentle and loving. He brings the following blessings: Good Luck, Protection, Wealth & Money, Healing, Rebirth, New Romantic Relationships/Finding your Soulmate, New Friendships, Success, Business Opportunities, Improves your Skills & Natural Abilities, Enhances Creativity, Psychic Enhancements, 3rd Eye Opening, Astral Travel & OBE’s, Connection with Spirits, Peaceful Sleep, Prophetic Dreams, Precognition, Rejuvenation, Purifying of your thoughts/body/emotions, Weight Loss (if desired), Beauty and Allure. Mani is also a wish-granting Spirit and can manifest your innermost desires!

There is no formal ritual required, simply wear & enjoy his peaceful & harmonizing energies! If you happen to practice any Moon Magick, feel free to incorporate him into your Rituals & Spells!

Your purchase is for 1 pair of Norse God Mani “Man in the Moon” earrings, which are composed of hypoallergenic stainless steel. Each earring is identical, featuring the profile face of Mani within the Moon’s crescent. *due to sanitary reasons, I do not accept returns on earrings.

These also make great gifts for the Moon-lover in your life!

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