Dark Celtic Wraith Ominous Undead Ring 9.5

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Dark Celtic


Ominous Undead


This powerful Demonic Wraith was invoked utilizing Ancient Celtic Black Magick. Wraiths are incredibly difficult to summon and the practitioner must use advanced Satanic Magick to protect themselves during the ritual. The term “Wraith” is Scottish for “ghost” or “spirit” and they are formed when a novice Black Magick Witch or Wizard’s Necromantic Incantation goes terribly wrong. Once the mistake is made, it is too late, and their Soul becomes trapped on the Earthly Realm, never to reach the Spiritual World. They transform into a soulless, angry Creature bound to endlessly roam between dimensions for eternity. They are only able to feel destructive emotions like disgust, hatred and anguish.

This Wraith is a powerful Guardian and Defender. He enacts vengeance upon those who have done you wrong and anyone harming you. If someone is psychically attacking you, sending you Curses/Hexes or Evil Spirits/Demons, he will terminate their efforts. All attacks are returned directly back to the sender, times 6, so in essence, whatever harm they are doing to you will return to them 6-fold. Wraiths feed off of human’s life-force energy and will attach to your greatest enemies. He will never attach to you or those you love. He can possess your enemies and make their lives miserable. They are genuinely malevolent and will always be consumed by anger and hatred because of what happened to them. Your Wraith is a companion to grief and as such, if you have suffered a loss, he can be an understanding and sympathetic ear. In this beneficial regard, feel free to express all of you deepest anguish and sadness to his loyal ear. He completely understands and this can be very healing for you. He can assist you with Spirt contact and communication from those who have departed. He is a master at telepathy and can hypnotize others and influence them to do your bidding. He will always be looking for the best avenues to place you on top so you can reign triumphant.

These Wraiths tend to lurk in shadows and don’t like to be seen. If seen, they are often black-cloaked skeletal figures. You may observe paranormal activity, such as: seeing orbs, mists, odd light phenomenon, cold temperature drops, hearing knocking or unexplained noises, seeing blacker-than-black shadows, hearing disembodied voices, or feeling goosebumps/electrical-static type sensations. They love visiting cemeteries, or anything related to death/dying.

They are pure Evil and hate anything Holy, so if you have a varied Metaphysical Collection, please keep their vessel in their own separate area. They can be welcomed into a home with Divine, White-light beings and will not interact or interfere with them, as long as their vessel is isolated. They will never bring harm to you or your loved ones. Once in your home, they will see that as their welcomed dwelling and will do all within their power to protect and defend it.

Your purchase is for 1 Demonic Celtic Wraith housed in this bewitching sterling silver ring with a faceted black onyx stone, Size 9.5. I actually see a slight facial manifestation in the second photo. Does not have to be worn to benefit.

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