Yin Yang Chi Harmony Life Balance Peace Tao Bracelet

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Yin Yang

Chi Harmony

Life Balance

Peace Tao


The yin yang meaning and symbol date back to ancient China and represent the belief that everything in the universe consists of two forces that are opposing but complementary. The forces of everything in the universe are in constant motion. As the movement continues, each of the forces of energy gradually changes to the other, yin to yang and yang to yin. This beautiful bracelet will help make this energy flow more smoothly for you!

It was Spellcast during several Full Moon Rituals with dozens of powerful Peace & Harmony Spells to enhance your life! It will help ease anxieties, stress, fears, depression, negative thinking and addictions. It absorbs negative energy from your Aura & environment, so you will feel uplifted and happier when wearing or being near it. It also helps bring peaceful dreams & restful sleep. If you so desire, it can help you with Astral Travelling and OBE’s. It can help bridge connections to the Spirit world & your Spirit friends if you’re ever feeling disconnected by harmonizing and aligning your energies with theirs. It draws people to you like a powerful magnet; opening the door to new friendships and relationships. Disease and illness occurs when something blocks or disrupts your chi and metabolic energy. This bracelet will help unblock it and get your energy flowing back into balance, keeping you healthy and/or quick to recover.

There is no formal ritual required! It will automatically ‘read’ your Aura/Vibrational Spiritual Energy and help balance the areas that need harmony.

Expect lots of compliments on this spectacular bracelet! Composed of black agate and white stone beads and a copper colored filigree bead, it stretches to fit most wrists. Wear, carry with you or keep someplace special.


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