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 Starry 1 Night


House of Draculesti Illuminati Royal Transylvanian Vampire Ring

$349.99 $779.99


House of


Illuminati Royal


Vampire Clan

I am honored to present you with the captivatingly Powerful Royal Vampires of the Illuminati! They were summoned by my associate, Lord Sinclair, using Ancient Transylvanian Vampire Invocations, and incorporating the proper Alchemical oils, herbs and Sigils, at the appropriate dates & times. Ancient Royal Kingdoms utilized these Immortal Vampires to bring them not only loyal companionship, but Wealth, Success, Protection and Universal Knowledge unknown by any human. These Vampires are of Royal Bloodlines. They are exceedingly loyal and protective and you must use their powers with Respect!

These Vampires are a ‘cut above’ your typical Vampire! They are the top-level Nobles, Kings & Queens within the Vampiric realms. These are kind & generous Spirits, eager to share their riches, wisdom & companionship with humans. They are intensely Sexual Spirits, and seek to pleasure you physically, only if you desire. They bring enhancements of Physical Beauty & Glamour and bestow you with a sparkling red Aura, which others find irresistible! They can help you attract a mate and fill them with lust for you. They bring the powers of telepathy, sensing the emotions & feelings of others and mind reading. They bring erotic and sexual intense dreams and visions. They can bring you sexual allure and stamina; allowing you to pleasure your mate in Magickal ways! They cleanse your Aura & Sacred Space of Negative Energy. They remove Curses and bring Protection from Evil. These are nocturnal Spirits, being most active at dusk and night. They have supernatural strength and senses. Welcome one of these marvelous Vampires into your Life and you will attract an abundance of people, opportunities and resources which will catapult you to higher Spiritual levels!

The Vampire Kings are incredibly handsome and the Queens are stunningly beautiful. There are a variety of hair/eye color combinations; if you have a preference, please let me know. You will be able to see & connect with them in visions and dreams and, if they so choose to, they can manifest in physical form.

These Vampires can also exhibit paranormal activity, which can be anything, from their vessel levitating, hearing odd noises and voices, doors opening & closing, lights flickering & electrical disturbances, seeing orbs and light phenomenon and cold temperature changes.

Your Royal Transylvanian Vampire is housed in this entrancing Ring with a large blood red CZ stone, covered by a cross of dazzling CZ garnet gems, set in a hypoallergenic, high quality stainless steel band. Choose your size from the drop-down menu. There are males and females available. You do not have to wear to bond. You can also carry with you or keep in a special place. You will wonder how you ever existed before without having this Spirit in your Life!

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