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 Starry 1 Night


"The Riches of the Labyrinth" Illuminati Wealth Relic Ring

$999.99 $3,999.99


3 Secret Societies

Immense Spells of Power!


This is Very Rare Vessel is from a Secret Private Collection! It was imbued in a Cloak-and-dagger Ceremony involving 3 Powerful Organizations:

The Illuminati

The Skull & Bones

The Freemasons

  Top Leaders from each of these Powerful Sects performed their own intense Ceremonies with this Vessel, imbuing it with the Secret Codes of the Ancients. As new Owner of this Relic, you will be Spiritually united with them through this Vessel & become an Honorary Brother within each of the 3 Societies. Through prophetic visions & lucid dreams, the members will visit you as you astral travel to different dimensions in time and space, you will be shown valuable secrets and gain incredible knowledge to enrich your Life! This Vessel holds exceptional power & mystique ~ a must-have for the discerning metaphysical collector!


What this Vessel can do for you is beyond what words can describe!

This Vessel will bring you:

*Extreme Fortune & Riches
*Maximum Business Success
*Respect and Admiration
*Mental and physical capabilities to overcome all adversity
*Makes you more Confident & more sure of yourself
*Protection from All things Evil & Malicious
*Astral Travel to Past Lives and Parallel Dimensions
*Directs you to your true path in life
*Allows you to quickly adapt to new situations
*Conquer all challenges
*Sharper Instincts to make the wisest decisions
*Envelopes you in an Aura of Strength and Intelligence
*Enhances your own Magickal Talents
*3rd Eye Openness/ the Ability to Speak with All Spirits
*Enhanced Clairvoyance, Instincts, Precognition and Telepathy
*Overall Happiness


This Vessel is known as the:

“The Riches of

the Labyrinth”

Delve into the Labyrinth and experience a new sensation of rebirth! Walking the Labyrinth is a Mystical journey into the other realms, and back again. It is a pilgrimage out of the busy mind, into the abyss, and back home to the Divine. This Ring will bring positive changes and energy to its owner while also releasing you from any negative thoughts that hold you back in life. It brings you direction and purpose in Life, helping you become aware of your talents in the purest levels. It helps you make decisions as to which direction to take in life, without others influences. It helps you avoid dangers, find the right way, trustworthy friends, allies and good business partners. It keeps you alert to dangers while focused on other things. It leads you directly to the best opportunities, people and situation, while you gain tremendous wealth.  It helps return money that is owed to you and increases your luck at gambling wings.  Truly a do-all piece, there is nothing you cannot achieve with this Ring, so please use it with care!

  This is an antique vessel composed of unknown metal and features a “Labyrinth” of Alchemical Codes on its face; Size 10. Its Energy draws you to it like a magnet! Place it in prominent view and expect people to ask you about it! You do not have to have any special skill or ability; you will automatically be bestowed its blessings!


The Energy from this Vessel is incredible and unlike anything I’ve had the pleasure of offering! Its power continues to multiply through each Owner! Do not miss your chance at owning it! If you are seeking a Unique & Special Magickal of a Lifetime – you have just found it!


This Vessel never needs recharging and its Power never fades! If it is meant for you, you will feel a strong attraction to it and you won’t be able to stop thinking about it!


If you feel a strong calling to purchase this Vessel, do not hesitate in making your purchase!

All pertinent information will accompany your shipment; including,
*a beautiful Parchment Page for your Book of Shadows
*a Recharging Pouch
*a Spellcast Candle
*Spellcast Incense

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