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 Starry 1 Night


Male Red Scottish Fire Dragon Ring



Male Red Scottish

Fire Dragon
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Utilizing the Ancient teachings from my Celtic Ancestors, I have humbly summoned this very friendly Male Red Dragon. He hails from the lush Forests of Scotland. He is very Confident and Loving and will make someone an Excellent Companion and Guardian. He is very wise, a deep thinker and careful planner. He also has a wonderful sense of humor and in sad or stressful times, he will uplift & enliven the atmosphere with his humor! He is also a wish-granter and bestows the Ultimate in Good Fortune, Abundance and Prosperity!  He hunts down treasures all over the World and brings them directly to you, which can manifest in any number of positive blessings!  Your Dreams are within reach! With this amazing Dragon in your life, your journey will be all the more Fulfilling & Rewarding!


He can reveal his presence in any number of ways such as mists, flashes of light, orbs, and temperature changes within the room. He also likes to make noises, so you may hear tapping, scratching or odd bumps/bangs.  

In Spiritual form he appears as a typical Western Dragon, dark red scales, with a lighter colored belly, 2 enormous wings, four razor-clawed feet, two horns on his head and a smooth scaly body that shimmers in the sunlight. He is a fire-breather and can manipulate flames from candles and such, as well as smoke from incense.


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You do not need any special skills to be a Dragon Keeper! He is meant for the One Fortunate Person that feels inexplicably drawn to him!   

He has chosen as his Vessel this gorgeous vintage red coral Ring, Size 7, set in a solid sterling silver Celtic design band. You do not have to wear to bond.

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