Lucky Gnome Blarney Stone Wealth Bracelet

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Castle /Stone

Gnome Bracelet


Gnomes are dwarflike, legendary Magickal beings that bring many blessings to their keeper’s life! They are connected to the Earth elements, which includes roots, rocks and minerals. They live deep inside the Earth, in secret tunnels and move through the Earth as easily as we move through the Air. Many are guards over precious Earthly treasures, such as gold, diamonds, crystals and gemstones. They are about 2 to 3 feet tall and look a little gnarled, and in general they are a bit gruff, and do not trust easily humans.


These Gnomes have been summoned based on the secret teachings of my Celtic Ancestors and came forward willingly to be welcomed into a loving human’s home. They are from the region underneath the “Caisleán na Blarnan” or Blarney Castle in Ireland and bring the good luck o’ the Blarney Stone!


They are incredibly smart and have strong senses, which make them very alert. They intrinsically receive Cosmic knowledge and new ideas. A plant receives energies from the Cosmos and lets them sink into the soil, where the Gnomes collect this information and pass it on to the Earth through the Spiritual Grid. When they receive information through their senses they immediately ‘know’. Gnomes have an inner sense with which they experience what is in the minerals and metals. They can help you find the right minerals and supplements you need to live a healthy lifestyle. Gnomes are deeply connected to Earth and all of Nature.


Your Gnome can bring help and knowledge in many areas, including, (but not limited to):

**Wealth & Riches

**Leading you in the best place/time to receive special discounts, sales & rewards.

**Finding hidden treasures

**Business/Career Success

**Alchemical, Rune or Sigil Magick

**Nature & Garden Magick

**Universal Knowledge & Enlightenment

**Prophetic Insight & Clarity

**Healing; physically, mentally & Spiritually

**Protection from Evil

**Moon Pathworking/Lunar Influences

**Creative Inspiration for those involved in the Arts; painters, sculptors, singers, actors, etc.

**Spiritual support to Animals

  Your Gnome is housed in this shimmering dark green orb bracelet. It is so beautiful and sparkles in the sunlight!  It has an adjustable cord, so it will fit any size wrist. Men & Women can enjoy this bracelet!  Wear, carry with you or keep in a special place.


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