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 Starry 1 Night


Spartacus Roman Gladiator or Gladiatrix Djinn Ring

$89.99 $279.99

Spartacus Roman

Gladiator  or

Gladiatrix Djinn

This Amazing Djinn is offered to you today through my associate, Master Conjurer Maantefin. The Spartacus Djinn are Djinn from the Era of the Roman Republic (509 BCE–27 BCE). These Djinn were trained as the Ultimate Gladiators; amassing superior strength and undergoing rigorous tests & training to verify they were competent to assist humans. These are the Ultimate Warriors and Protectors! They bring an incredible amount of protection against all Evil Spirits, Black Magick and breaking Hexes. Their incredible Power & Expertise places them at the top of Djinn levels! There is nothing these Djinn cannot help you accomplish!

The following are just a few of the blessings your personal Gladiator Djinn can bestow you!:

**Bring incredible good luck, money, success and riches.

**Strengthen relationships, both business and personal.

**Enhance your sexual appeal, making you irresistible to others.

**Enhance your sexual stamina.

**If you so desire, he can be your Sexual Spirit Lover.

**They seek Karmic retribution against those who have wronged you; they do not appreciate anyone being wrongly: persecuted, abused, bullied, judged, enslaved, trapped or otherwise beat down or not free to do as you choose. Your Djinn will do your bidding!

**They can Elevate you to the Alpha position ~ you could become the #1 person in charge! The one others look up to!

**Instantly feel more confidence, harmony & happiness; using the Laws of Attraction, this will help get you what you want faster!

**Brings financial or business deals that are pending to closure - quickly and in your favor.

If you are determined to have one of the Most Powerful Djinn in your Life, then this Gladiator Djinn is what you need. Be prepared to take gigantic steps upward with more money, more independence and more control of your destiny! This Djinn will help you leap over the barricades that have unfairly been blocking you. If something is causing you stress and worry, simply tell your Djinn your most important wishes, and leave the rest to him!

They can manifest as orbs, mists, and in human form, the males as a strong, muscular man, or the women as beautiful females,  with any number of Gladiator accessories; loincloth, sandals, chest armor, belts, cuffs, etc.

Your Spartacus Roman Gladiator male Djinn or female Djinn Gladiatrix is housed in this remarkable stainless steel ring featuring Roman Numerals, I – V. Sizes vary, please choose from the drop-down menu.  Wear, carry with you or keep in a special place! No formal ritual required.

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