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 Starry 1 Night


Queen Marie Laveau Voodoo Skull Ring FREEBIE

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“Halo de Mystere”


Marie Laveau

For your consideration is this stunning Ring, Spellcast by my associate, P. Jean, a Haitian Vodou Huongan Asogwe (High Priest) who resides in Louisiana. He does not practice the commercialized “Voodoo” that so many see when visiting the Bayou, rather, he is head of an Underground Society which practices Voodoo based on the Secret teachings of Marie Laveau’s personal invocations and rites, with roots in Haitian and African Magick. Utilizing the Secret doctrines of Marie Laveau, it takes High Priest P.Jean several days & nights of fasting and entering a Voodoo trance to open the Gates to the Spirit World and become one with Lwa. There are offerings of food & drink, accompanied by a Sacred Voodoo Skeleton dance to the sound of heavy drums, which induces an altered state of consciousness in the High Priest. This is some of the Best Voodoo available, so do not welcome this item if you don’t want positive changes in your Life!

This Ring was also Ceremonially blessed & touched Marie Laveau’s crypt in New Orleans!

This Enchanting Ring is bound with the Spirit of the infamous Voodoo Queen, Marie Laveau! She put New Orleans Voodoo on the Map with her powerful Magick! She mixed Roman Catholic beliefs with African Religion, creating a powerful blend of Occult Spellworking. She was an astute business woman who was all-knowing; helping thousands with love, money and more. Legend states she was exceptionally beautiful, she made millions selling gris-gris, that she could intimidate the police and that world leaders sought her advice.

Laveau’s Spirit is well reputed to grant wishes to those who have something touched to her tomb (such as this ring)! People all over the World attribute favors and miracles to her intercession. Not unlike the Saints, her Spirit listens and blesses with humanity, justice and love. If you are seeking Wealth, Success, Love, Fame, Power or more, you can ask Laveau to use her Creole Magick to grant any wish, no matter how seemingly impossible! You do not have to practice Voodoo to benefit from this piece ~ she will assist anyone regardless of Spiritual beliefs.

Marie Laveau accepts money, cigars, white rum and candy as offerings. Appeals must be made 3 times with full concentration. In Voodoo it is believed that when a Voodoo Queen dies her spirit re-enters the river of life and moves to the next realm, adjacent to this one. Therefore, her Spirit will always be here ~ close at hand, on your hand!

Your purchase is for 1 Marie Laveau “Halo de Mystere” Ring composed of beautiful dark pearls and a skull set in a base metal band. This is a lightweight, fun ring that adjusts to fit any size finger. *the picture represents a sample of what your ring will look like, the colors of the pearls include a variety of dark blues, purples, greens, grays & browns.

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