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 Starry 1 Night


Cleopatra's Heart of Devotion Love Spells Amulet



Cleopatra’s Heart of Devotion
Secret Love Spells Wish Box


This gorgeous heart wish box has been imbued with thousands of the Secret Love Codes of Cleopatra! These secret love spells were inscribed on papyrus, wrapped with rose petals and hidden in a secret crypt, known only by Master Conjurer, Maantefin! Cleopatra was the last Queen of Egypt and had used Egyptian incantations to gain power, wealth, authority, success and any lover she desired! She had the ability to lure any man in and make him feel he couldn’t live without her. She was exceptionally gifted in Love Magick! The great Seductress had men fighting battles in her honor! They were wrapped around her finger! Now you can utilize the same powers of Cleopatra to help fire up the passion in your Love life!

It will assist you in all matters of the heart; love, romance, lust or long term relationships; including:

**Gives your Aura a warm, tingling glow, inciting passion & attraction from others.

**Brings your inner beauty (or handsomeness!) to the surface so others take notice.

**Provides a young, fresh glow to your face, skin & lush hair, making you super sexy to others.

**Magnetically attracts people & new lovers to you; increasing eye contact, smiles & touching.

**Opens the heart and mind of the one you love, making them appreciate you.

**Allows others to take their ‘walls’ down so they fall madly in love with you.

**Blocks the influences of others who try to hinder or interfere in your relationship.

**Influences the minds of others to have a strong desire for you; think about being with you, making love to you, etc.

**Helps heal relationships.

**Helps you recover from past break-ups & brings you someone new.

You can also use this piece to cast your own personal love spells; simply mentally imbue your desires into the box and allow Queen Cleopatra to work her Magick on your behalf!

If love is eluding you, you’re not feeling much passion in your current relationship or simply want to “spice things up,” this is the item for you! The moment you touch your “Heart of Rapture,” you will feel rejuvenated, refreshed and confident! While wearing you will exude a Sensual Aura of Sexiness and Allure others will find irresistible!

Your purchase is for 1 glamorous Cleopatra “Heart of Rapture” Magick Wish Box composed of a base metal, in your choice of Red or Pink.  It is a locket-style amulet with a clasp that opens. It measures about .75” tall by .75” wide. Included is a silver-plated Recharging chain in your choice of size. You do not have to wear to benefit from its powers. No formal ritual required.

All pertinent information will be included in your shipment!

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