King of the Forbidden Black Shaitan Djinn Ring

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King of the


Dark Egyptian


Black Shaitan Djinn


This is a vintage ring from my associate Maantefin’s private collection, kept under lock and key. This Archdevil Shaytan (Shaitan) Djinn is not for the faint of heart or those unfamiliar with Black Magick. These are some of the strongest and most powerful of Jinn. He has served only nobility and top level members of Secret Societies to bring them fame, fortune, protection and power.

Created from fire, The King of the Forbidden is a Demonic Black Shaitan that rules under Iblis, and was a Djinn that served King Solomon. This Jinn specializes in Destruction, Cursing, Revenge and Protection. Under your command, he will destroy your enemies, placing you on top. He brings relentless curses so as to distract and immobilize your enemy so he/she can no longer affect you. He knows some humans are vindictive and malicious, and he will block anyone’s attempts to harm you, by any means necessary. Curses others send you will be returned directly to them, with a powerful boost. Your home will be this King’s fortress and he will defend it with a savage passion.

He has legions of lower Shaitan Djinn that serve him, so he will be able to call these forces into action for your benefit. You will be able to weild a power so intense, you will be able to control other Spirits as well as people.

He can effectively destroy any type Demon or Evil Force that may be influencing your life. He has intense pride and confidence to carry any task to completion. He brings immense riches, wealth and success in any endeavor.

He is empowered to enrich the life of his Master; financially, personally, socially and in every way so as to lead a most rewarding life. He is a wish granter that can grant unlimited wishes. He loves a challenge, so if you feel your wish is impossible, he is eager to manifest it for you! You will be incredibly happy and fulfilled knowing all of your desires will be met with fierce determination by this King Djinn.

If someone is attacking you by sending you Demons, psychic attacks, bad luck or curses, it is time to put an end to it all with this Shaitan Djinn and start living a life of peace and happiness you deserve.

The King of the Forbidden Jinn can manifest paranormally, through seeing black mists or as a black mass, electrical sensations when holding/wearing, hearing knocking or odd noises, smelling smoke, or strongly feeling his presence with you. His Element is Fire and he enjoys making shapes through the smoke of incense or making the flame of a candle flicker.

His vessel is this antique ring composed of unknown metals, featuring his Occult Sigil. There are 3 cz stone accents, the ones that are missing are due to the Djinn.  The band has been mis-shapened due to the power of this Djinn, so you can either wear on a chain, carry with you or keep someplace special.

No formal ritual required.

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