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Queen Maeve Multiple Blessings Bracelet

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♥*¨¨* Queen Maeve*¨¨*♥

Multiple Blessings




I Spellcast this bracelet utilizing Old World Celtic Magick based in Druid & Fairy Enchantments from my Ancestor's Grimoire. It has also been imbued with the Spirit of Queen Maeve (also known as “Mab” or "Medbh" meaning: "she who intoxicates"). She was Irish Queen of Connacht and her husband was Ailill mac Mata, although she had several husbands before him who were also kings of Connacht. Queen Maeve was infamous for her beauty and her sexual prowess. She had an array of lovers, most of whom were officers in her army...which thereby ensured the loyalty of her troops. Her bravest warriors were granted sexual favors, so the men fought hard and courageously on the battlefield for a chance to be with Maeve. She was a very Powerful Woman and the Ultimate Goddess who brings the passion of love, sex, and desire. She will also assist you with: Alchemy, Aromatherapy, Druid Magick, Connecting with Fairies, Feminine Beauty, Strength & Power, Alternative Healing Methodologies and Herbology.

The Spells imbued into this bracelet cover several different areas and include: find your Soulmate, enhance & strengthen Romantic Relationships between you and your partner, Attracting new Friends, Beauty & Allure Spells to help you look and feel younger and rejuvenated, Fairy Attraction Spells to draw the Fae to you, Dreams Spells to help bring lucid & prophetic dreams & restful sleep, Creativity Spells to boost creativity & help in all Art Areas of writing, singing, dancing, etc., Money Attraction Spells, Aura brightening Spells, Chakra clearing & alignment Spells, and Spells to help you feel motivated, self-assured and confident.

There is no formal ritual you have to perform ~ the Spells will automatically work their Magick!

Your purchase is for 1 Queen Maeve Multiple Blessings bracelet composed of a rainbow variety colored resin beads with base metal. The pictures shows a sample, since these are hand-made, the bead colors will differ.  It measures about 6", so if you have a bigger wrist, let me know and I can add links to the closure to make it bigger. This bracelet's energies will automatically align with the individual who owns it; man or woman! This gorgeous bracelet is sure to be one of your Most Cherished!


Thank you to all of my Wonderful Buyers! Proudly offering Authentic Results-producing Magickals online since 2005! Buy in Confidence! Bright blessings!

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