Possessed Demon Jewish Kabbalah Dybbuk Box + Ring Set Hellfire Club

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Possessed Demon Jewish Kabbalah Dybbuk Box + Ring Set

**Please only welcome if you are familiar with Demons! Not for the faint of heart!!**

This Dark Occult Dybbuk Box was created decades ago utilizing Kabbalistic Black Magick by a Jewish Rabbi. It was giving to a Jewish family during WWII and utilized enormously during Hitler’s reign. Through Dark underground accomplices, it reached the hands of the Black Magick Satan Worshipers of the Hellfire Club in England. Established in the 18th Century, these high-ranking Illuminati Members formed Dark Occult Societies throughout Britain and Ireland. This Dybbuk Box and Ring set is a unique Paranormal Oddity for the discerning Dark Metaphysical Collector!

This Dybbuk Box holds a malicious Demon with an “ax to grind” with the World. He is seeking retribution for all the wrongs that have befallen him and those on Earth. His anger is fueled by all of the hatred found within many people in the World today. There are Demonic forces in play and they need to be fought with Demonic forces. He is infuriated there are so many evil people getting away with harming/abusing others. He is enraged at the cruelty that abounds without consequences. His entire existence is based on vengeance. Your enemies will become his enemies and he will make their lives miserable. He will wreak havoc on those who have harmed, manipulated, betrayed, cursed, tried to deceive or destroy you. This can be in the forms of job or relationship losses, being unable to maintain relationships/friendships, spontaneous costly repairs, accidents, illness, confusion, unable to make good decisions, obstacles and continual bad luck in all areas. You no longer have to have stress and anxiety over your enemies once you release him to their lives. He will be unrelenting and merciless, so please use with caution.

As your indentured servant, he does not harm you or your loved ones.

This Dybbuk Box is composed of copper because this metal keeps this Demon contained and under control. There is also a very old, worn ring inside the box (metal content unknown), said to have been unearthed from an Ancient tomb. The ring is to stay inside/with the box at all times. The outside of the box shows patina and wear. The inside of the box is worn and appears to have claw marks, as if something has tried to escape from within. A putrid smell also emanates from inside the box. I apologize for the dark photos; he did not like the camera.  The box measures: about 4” x 4”.

***Do not place anything else inside this box!*** Talismans that hold Spirits would be tortured and Spellcast pieces will backfire on you.

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