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Red Dragon Book of Shadows



Enchanting Book of Shadows


Finally!! A beautiful Book of Shadows you can use for all of those Scrolls & Information I send you on your Spirits & Spellcast items!!

This is a beautifully crafted 11 ½”L x 10 ½”W x 1 ½”W Book of Shadows, which you can personalize & add to! If you do not like this image, I have many other options available (both in my store and others not listed), just contact me! This vinyl Book of Shadows features a 3-hole-punch design, two inner pocket (front & back) and a lovely front & back image.

I’m including 4 Custom Created Parchment Pages entitled: “Spells”, “Spirits”, “Herbs” & “Notes” with Celtic designs & 2 additional pages per category {that’s 12 pages total}. I am willing to change the Title Pages to different names, just let me know what you would like. I can also change the Celtic designs to anything you desire.

I have also Spellcast this BOS with powerful Protection & Invisibility Spells so no other Conjurer, Sorcerer, Witch or Wizard will be able to Spiritually steal or utilize your personal & private BOS!


Are those Scrolls stuffed in a drawer somewhere?! Get organized & keep all of your Magickal information in one convenient & enchanting place! This is a must-have!

**If you want me to make changes to your BOS pages, you must email me within 24 hours after purchase!

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