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Suten Anu Royal Scribe Ancient Egyptian Djinn Ring

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Suten Anu

Royal Scribe

Djinn Ring

This Exquisite Djinn was conjured by Maantefin, Master Egyptian Conjurer. His family has extensive roots in Conjuring Djinn for centuries, and his legacy extends thousands of years B.C. Egyptian Magick is the cornerstone of all modern religion, occultism and Magick! Maantefin is respected and acknowledged as Chief Expert in his field and his Ancestors provided Top Level Djinn to Nobles & Celebrities throughout the World. He holds a True Passion for all things mysterious and miraculous, and strives for nothing short of Excellence!

Suten Anu is Egyptian for Royal Scribe.  This Djinn wrote down many Magickal and Occult Spells during the reign of Pharaohs.  He knows Secret Ancient mystical knowledge regarding the Universe and human's place in it.  He can help you tap into your past life in Ancient Egypt and restore the gifts that have long been hidden inside you.

There is a strong Mystical Energy connected with this Royal Scribe Djinn which empowers and opens your Third Eye~ Enhancing Intuition and Psychic Awareness. You will be able to see a problem from more than one perspective. He then turns it around for you so that it becomes a stepping stone rather than an obstacle! He has Prophetic capabilities and will lead you to the most beneficial path. He will maintain the Positive Energy in your Romantic Relationships, and pay special attention to the Extraordinary Third Energy that is created when 2 people come together to nurture and protect this aspect of the union. If you are seeking your SoulMate, he will bring him or her directly to you. As a Wealth magnet, he will help build real financial stability and security. He will assist you in taking charge of your life and thwarting your inner demons, so that you may truly reign with power over your life! When you get a handle over your addictions and negative thinking patterns directly, you will be free to rule, live and express your inward talent in boundless ways! He will help you with any difficult or seemingly impossible situation! He will bless you with profoundly loving experiences and incredible mystical information! He is eager to form a lifelong, trustworthy and miraculous relationship with you! Welcome him into your life and Welcome Limitless Possibilities!

He is housed within this gorgeous Rainbow Calsilica Ring set in .925 sterling silver, Size 6.75.

Maantefin’s Djinn have the friendliest disposition and will get along wonderfully with any entities you may already own. They are safe to bring into a family environment and will never do harm to you, your loved ones or pets, but rather protect all within your home! They will be as much of an influence in your life as you want them to be and they won’t interrupt your life in any way~ only transform it for the better!

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