Lilith Queen of Demons Owl Relic Stone Satanic Bohemian Grove

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Bohemian Grove

Lilith Queen

of the Demons

Great Owl of


Satanic Relic

During several weeks every summer, musicians, Hollywood stars and high-status elite gather to partake in wild festivities in a “sacred grove” of ancient redwood trees deep in the California forest. They perform vast theatrical productions and pseudo rituals, in which they cast spells, present offerings, pretend to summon Moloch, initiate members and invoke deities. However, this pseudo ritual is just that - a grand show. No authentic Magick workings actually take place during these events. This is where outsiders try to infiltrate the secrets of this society, however, they are purposely misguided and lead to believe they are witnessing actual secret occult rituals. This system has been in place to protect the actual Ancient Occult Rituals and Magick that is held most sacred by this exclusive club. In essence, there is a Society within a Society. The society on the “outside” appears to be that of Magick & Mystery, yet the society on the “inside” truly pertains to actual Dark Satanic Magick. No outsiders or women are allowed into this secret cult and there is a long and strict bloodline of members. They are comprised of multi-billionaires, corporate chieftains, high government officials, nobles and super-rich blood dynasty members, families of the Illuminati. This relic is from one such secret member!

Lilith Queen of

the Demons

Great Owl

of Bohemia

This ancient Owl Skull Stone was imbued decades ago during several Satanic Rituals with the power of Goddess Lilith, Queen of the Demons. Her sacred animal is the Owl. This stone brings you incredible dark powers of lavish wealth, wisdom, telepathy, truths revealed, true motives revealed, secrets revealed, sexual acuity, advancement in relationships (both business and romantic), mind control, invisibility and energy manipulation. This stone surrounds your home with the vigilant protection of Goddess Lilith. There is no amount of Dark Magick, Curses or Evil Spirits that can manipulate their way past her indestructible shield. She destroys all obstacles so you can move forward on your path, unimpeded. Enemies and jealous competitors will be cursed with turmoil so they take their focus off of you and start focusing on themselves.

As your energies blend with that of this piece, you automatically align your vibrational energy with that of the Sacred Members. Their opulent wealth, fame, respect & success they possess (or possessed when they were alive), will effortlessly transfer over to you. You will become an honorary member within this cult and gain immense power, fortune and cosmic wisdom. People will start looking to you for admiration and others will want to be in your presence, and seek your opinion. You will be able to obtain anything you desire without limit.

This incredible Occult Relic was originally owned by Theodore Roosevelt and he utilized it throughout his Presidency! He can also come through this piece with messages of wisdom, guidance and direction. Don’t miss your opportunity to own an incredible piece of Occult history!

This stone is of unknown composition and measures about 1.75” wide by 1.25” tall. No formal ritual required. Once in your possession, it bonds with your personal energy and brings you your hearts desires. You do not need to practice Magick to benefit. It will automatically work for you regardless of your beliefs.

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