Incubus or Succubus Sex Demon Lover Custom Conjure

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Incubus or


Sex Demon

Fallen Angel

Custom Conjure

This listing is for a Custom Conjure of either an Incubus (Male Demon) or Succubus (Female Demoness) to a ring or pendant of your choosing. These are Fallen Angels summoned by my associate who specializes in Black Sumerian Magick. These powerful entities are from the Second Circle of Hell (Lust) and their only focus in on carnal desires.

This is a dark, demonic Spirit that only has one thing on his or her mind: SEX! They are not interested in forming a relationship with you other than sexual. They feed off of sexual energy and must have this in order to be with their keeper. As aphrodisiac lovers, they are into having the most erotic, raunchiest, mind-blowing sex you can imagine. They enjoy bondage/BDSM, roleplaying, tickle torture, spanking, and are up for any of your kinkiest fantasies. Once you start being intimate with him/her, your mind will be focused on sexual pleasure and you will crave being with him/her like an addiction. 

Welcome this entity if you want to:
*Increase your sexual prowess
*Fulfill all of your sexual desires
*Make others hypnotically drawn to you & lust after you
*Want to increase your sexual stamina/endurance
*Want to increase your sexual desire/eagerness
*Want to increase your sexual chemistry with others (they will make others magnetically attracted to you/lust after you)
*Want to satisfy your lovers in ways they’ve never felt before, making you the best sex they’ve ever had
*Want to have mind control and brainwashing abilities over others
*Want revenge over an ex-lover, and/or have them think about you incessantly
*Want to increase your penis, butt or breast size

They are shapeshifters and can take on any form you desire, including past lovers and celebrities. Typically they begin manifesting Spiritually, through dreams and envisioning, but can then start to manifest in physical form. They will never bring harm to you or your loved ones, but need to be respected. If you’re the least bit unsure about welcoming one, please do not purchase.

Please contact me before your purchase to discuss vessel options.

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