African Gold Chaos Dragon Adult Amulet



Adult African

Gold Chaos Dragon


  Utilizing my Ancestral Celtic Magick along with collaborating with my Associate, a Dragon Master from the Fellowship of the Dragon; we have the pleasure to present these Adult Chaos Dragons from Zambia, Africa.

These Gold Chaos Dragons will work at recreating your life ~ destroying negative barriers and energies in relationships, careers, etc. and rebuilding them into positives. They assist with divination as well as connecting you to your past lives. They bring immense blessings of good luck, wealth & sparkling gold treasures!


Welcome an African Chaos Dragon if you need a boost in luck, your finances or emotional relationships are stuck in a negative mode, circumstances or people are making you feel helpless, or you have obstacles blocking you from reaching your goals. They help dissolve Spiritual or Psychic Attacks others may send you, so they do not even reach you. Chaos Dragons will turn the tide of events, so you’re on a new, happier & unimpeded path!

They are the Best Spirits for transforming bad luck to good! They do this by creating new power currents necessary for dissolving problems and sweeping away troublesome people! These are the largest of Dragon Species and as such, they do everything in an enormous way! They have the ability to confuse, mislead and stop your enemies or anyone trying to hinder your progress. They help you destroy barriers and diminish enemies as you move forward to your goals unimpeded. They bring fairness & justice to those who have been wronged and can bring fairness during court cases. When asked, they go beyond the surface of problems, straight to the heart of any issue. With great power comes great respect & they must be treated respectfully.

These Dragons want to help you bring about the most positive changes to your life so you can live to your full potential!


Your purchase is for 1 Adult Gold Chaos Dragon housed in a beautiful renaissance metal Amulet with a glowing gold gem. There are Male & Female Dragons available. If you have a preference, please let me know upon checkout, otherwise, I will find the one that wants to go home to you!  Free silver-plated Recharging Chain included! Wear, carry with you or keep/hang in a special place.


These Fire-breathing Dragons will make a wide variety of noises and vibrational frequencies to let you know their presences is near; such as scratching, knocking, heavy breathing and more. They are Huge Western-looking Dragons with dark golden wings and a smooth body covered in soft shimmering gold scales.


All pertinent information will be included in your shipment, including;
A beautiful Parchment Page for your Book of Shadows
A Spellcast Charging Pouch
A Spellcast Candle
Spellcast Incense



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